Qualifications of the Aspirant: Faith — Credulity and doubt

The right of testing the Master through critical reasoning has always been conceded to the disciples. But if, after testing and being satisfied about the Perfection of the Master, a disciple shows any wavering of faith, it is a result of a deplorable deficiency in his sincerity of approach and integrity of purpose. As […]

Qualifications of the Aspirant: Faith — Faith and critical reasoning

True faith is grounded in the deeper experiences of the spirit and the unerring deliverances of purified intuition. It is not to be regarded as the antithesis of critical reason but as the unfailing guide of critical reason. When critical reason is implemented by a deep and living faith based on pure intuition, its […]

Qualifications of the Aspirant: Faith — Faith in a Master

Faith in a Perfect Master becomes all-important because it nourishes and sustains faith in oneself and faith in life-in the very teeth of setbacks and failures, handicaps and difficulties, limitations and failings. Life, as a person knows it in himself, or in most of his fellow beings, may be narrow, twisted, and perverse; but […]

Qualifications of the Aspirant: Faith — Secure basis of self-confidence

Unshakable faith in oneself is as rare as implicit faith in some other person. Few have developed it to the degree that ensures effective and constructive control of oneself. In most persons faith in oneself is always being challenged and undone by the constant experience of one’s own frailties and failings, which often prove […]

Qualifications of the Aspirant: Faith — Importance of faith in oneself

Unqualified and implicit faith in each other belongs to the world of ideals. In actual practice it exists only in special cases. Though it is very much to be desired, it cannot come unless the world is populated by persons who deserve unlimited faith. This condition requires a perfect development of the qualities of […]

Qualifications of the Aspirant: Faith — Faith and its forms

One of the most important qualifications for the aspirant is faith. There are three kinds of faith: faith in oneself, faith in a Perfect Master, and faith in life. Faith is so indispensable to life that unless it is present in some degree, life itself would be impossible. It is because of faith that […]

“Your mind is useless! All it does is confuse you!”

Baba resumed: “Is everyone here prepared to obey me 100 percent? You should be very honest. [Everyone raised his or her hand.] Can you obey me 100 percent?”

… When Margaret’s group of dancers came to see him in the Lagoon Cabin, Baba joked and laughed with them. All of a sudden, he asked, […]

Constant companion

Make me your constant companion. Think of me more than you think of your own self. The more you think of me, the more you will realize my love for you.

Your duty is to keep me constantly with you throughout your thoughts, speech and actions. They do their duty who, sincere in their […]

Turn into dust; only then will you do my work!

The Poona Centre lovers would come to Guruprasad and describe all the work they were doing for Baba, boasting: “We held such and such a program there … We had to face many difficulties … We worked so hard … We sang such beautiful bhajans that people were wonderstruck … Our lecture created a […]

Defend yourself but never beat up anyone

Once Rustom and Sohrab had a fist fight with some other boy. Baba heard about it and warned them, “Don’t raise your hand against anyone.” Beheram asked what if someone strikes them first, what should they do? Baba replied, “They should defend themselves, but never beat up anyone.”

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