” Do not pose…The importance lies in knowing and expressing exactly what you yourself think”

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A second point [that] is most important. Do not pose. For example, when you return, and someone asks you about Baba, if you think I am the Avatar, say it; if you don’t, say so. And if you vary — thinking perhaps he could be but I’m […]

God and Love : “If you lose hold of the mantle of this Guide, there is only despair in store for you”

If you lose hold of the mantle of this Guide, there is only despair in store for you; the heart without Love is entombed in unending darkness and suffering; but the heart which is restless with Love is on the way to realization of the Unfading Light on the Unfathomable Sweetness of Life Divine.


God and Love: “If there is one thing which is most necessary for safe and sure arrival at the top, it is love”

The spiritual Path is like climbing up to the mountain-top through hills and dales and thorny woods, and along steep and dangerous precipices. But on this Path there can be no going back or halting. Everyone must get to the top, which is the direct realization of the supreme Godhead. All hesitation or sidetracking […]

“All that is expected of us is this honesty and our attempt to make others happy and to be happy”

Elizabeth had told Baba about Harry’s* chicken farm. “I like sheep better than chickens,” Baba remarked. Harry said he had many sheep and lambs also.Baba liked him and spelled out to him,

“Harry, I like humor and you have a good sense of humor. One must always try to be happy and make […]

About a missed appointment – Keeping it is for our own good

Baba had asked another visitor, Govind Joshi, a learned lecturer in a college, to come on a certain date, which Govind had missed. He came to see Baba a few weeks later (on 19 May), and Baba also asked him if he had read his books. Joshi replied, “Yes, Baba. They are truly a […]

About a missed appointment – “It is difficult to make up that loss”

One day a woman approached Baba for darshan with her child. She requested that Baba bless her baby. Baba commented, “As you wish. But do you remember how last year on your request, I permitted you to visit Guruprasad to have my darshan a second time? You did not come.”

From the hundreds who […]

“Obedience will lead you, guide you and make you understand what is in fact ununderstandable”

Khilnani asked, “Yes, but why is it that man, although he desires to be good and honest, fails to do so? This is the question.”

Baba replied, “When one honestly desires, one never fails. Not one, but many questions crop up in the mind and will continue to do so. There is only one […]

“Why not always choose to be happy?”

From Hamirpur, the son of Bhavani Prasad Nigam sheepishly walked into the room. He had gone to Bombay without his parents’ permission, and there had had his wallet pick-pocketed and lost all his money. Baba met with him for a while and arranged through Nariman the train fare for his journey home.

When the […]

“If you want to talk about anything, speak only of love”

Two days later while on nightwatch, Baba dictated another ghazal to Bhau as follows:

Sip the nectar of love and become like a mast [for the Beloved]. Turn the heart to kabab and eat it; then drink its blood.

How long will you sew stained patches of sins to the daaman? Let the […]

“Don’t lose heart, but keep me in your heart”

Shapoor was soon to join the Indian Navy, but was frightened by the prospect and in tears. Baba joked, “People are flying towards the moon, and you are afraid to sail the seas?

Don’t be afraid; join and do as I tell you. Don’t lose heart, but keep me in your heart and know […]