What is pure love

On Sunday evening, 24 December 1939, a lawyer from a rural area, a simple and plain-spoken man, met Baba and quite frankly told Baba in a quiet voice, “I have heard many people talk about love, but I don’t know what love really is.”

Baba asked, “Are you married?” “Yes.”

“Do you […]

The spiritual journey

The spiritual journey does not consist in gaining what a person does not have, but in the dissipation of ignorance concerning himself and life, and the growth of understanding which begins with spiritual awakening. To find God is to come to one’s own self. – Sparks from Meher Baba, p13 […]

God-Realization and human ego

On April 30th, Jamshed Mehta, the mayor of Karachi, came to see Baba. Baba praised his sincere efforts and sympathetic treatment of the poor and needy, and admired his selfless service in other areas as well. Baba explained to him:

I am very pleased with your sincere work and selfless service, particularly in the […]

Assertions and conditions in surrender indicate lack of faith

In July of 1936 Baba wrote [as part of His letter to His close Western lovers about their stay at Nasik]:

Whatever happens, you should be firm in your faith and not let the criticism of those who are against you upset you. If you surrender, do not then assert, “Baba must take […]

“Intuition comes from the heart”

The couple [Michael and Ann Kohanow] agreed, and Baba continued, explaining to them about intuition:

“When you feel something as intuition and have no doubt about it, then know it is real. Passing doubtful thoughts and temporary emotional feelings should not be given importance. But when you feel it touches your heart, follow it. […]

“Where there are five collected together, I am there”

Sam Cohen asked, “Suppose one feels that meditating by oneself is service? I like to visit the Monday group, but not all the time.”

Baba responded, “I would like you all to belong to certain groups. Why? Because you can cooperate and tell others about me and share your thoughts. You learn much more […]

“Both the pleasures and pains of this world are ephemeral and short-lived”

When Ghani was preparing Baba’s bath around two o’clock that afternoon, the Master ordered chocolates from the market and distributed them among the mandali. He asked everyone if they liked the taste and, except for Arjun, all said they were delicious. Sometime later Baba inquired, “Is the taste which you enjoyed just a […]

“Purity, impurity all disappear when love is one hundred percent”

Adele [Wolkin] met Baba at 10 A.M. that morning. To her Baba stated:

I know all you mean to say. I understand. Do not worry about any weaknesses which sometimes overpower you. Your love for me is so great it will wipe out your weaknesses. When the heart and mind are purified, one can […]

The gradations and comparison with various educational degrees

The foremost and highest object in life is personally serving a Sadguru and complete surrenderance to him. There is nothing like it for one’s divine upliftment! The second is constant meditation on the divine name. The third is selfless service, and the fourth is the offering of worship [prayer].

Serving a […]

“Only when the play of life finishes do we realize that this was all a dream”

On the 5th, Baba urged the mandali never to fear illusion and gave them this simile:

Take, for example, a movie in which the villain harasses and oppresses a poor innocent child or woman. What great anxiety is caused when the same poor creature is tied down to be either burnt up in a […]