“I feel every heartbeat in creation”


On December 30th, while expounding on the universe, Meher Baba revealed:

The speed of the revolving of the universe is so tremendous that it is impossible to tell whether it is spinning in motion. Look how many people, creatures, and inanimate things there are in this world. Every person and thing has a […]

Love, Obedience and Surrender

Baba mentioned the reviews of God Speaks to the group and continued:

If after reading God Speaks Niranjan Singh feels happy, I will not be happy. I will not feel happy unless and until Niranjan begins loving me. Listen carefully. If you don’t understand, never mind. Maybe after hearing me, a few […]

NEWS: 43rd Anniversary of Avatar Meher Baba Hyderabad [Koti] Center


Today 19 July 2016 (the ‘Guru purnima’ day) is the 43rd Anniversary of Avatar Meher Baba Hyderabad [Koti] Center.

Time: 03:30 PM to 08:00 PM

Live webcast: http://ustream.tv/channel/ambhyd-test or http://ustre.am/1jnpQ (The programs would be in the local language Telugu. The webcast may be interrupted […]

“Like innocent children, lay your head on the feet of your Master”

[Here are couple of references of the auspicious day of Guru Purnima from Lord Meher.]

On Sunday, 25 July 1926, Guru Purnima, the full moon day, was observed. Baba admonished the mandali: “Like innocent children, lay your head on the feet of your Master and take an oath that none of you will leave […]

“To realize Him, we should be honest in everything”

Baba then addressed the others: “My discourses, Vedanta, Upanishads and all religious literature have no value. It is literally explanations of the Unexplainable. That which cannot be understood cannot be explained. So I call all these a mere guppa [idle talk, chitchat]. The necessity is for the Experience. Then all the messages and doubts […]

“Meherwan is indeed a Saint”

Baba playing marbles with Meherwan

(Remembering our dear Meherwan Jessawala, here is another post)

Najamai, Meher Baba’s cousin was very close to Baba and also a member of women Mandali. Once in Bindra house (Poona) she told about an interesting incident about Baba in the presence of Gaimai Jessawala. Naja narrated that […]

God’s Help comes at the Right time!


Meherwan and Eruch Byramshaw Jessawala

Remembering the brothers Eruch and Meherwan Byramshaw Jessawala, here is an anecdote.

Background: These are the early days after Eruch Jessawala dropped his body. Meherwan Jessawala recalling his elder brother Eruch narrates a story. The story dates back to the mid-40s, during a period when […]

NEWS: Meherwan Jessawala joins Beloved Baba

Meherwan Jessawala joined Beloved Baba today morning (15 June 2016) at around 3:45 AM. Avatar Meher Baba ki jai!

To see all as brothers, try to see Baba in them

Another New Yorker was Harry Hettger, who had come to Myrtle Beach by bus. When Baba saw him briefly, at 3:40 P.M. on the 10th, he informed him: “Your visit is good for you and for me, because you love me; I love you, too. And you love me because I love you. […]

“Realization is never a matter of chance”

On Wednesday, 5 May 1937, Baba gathered the Western men and women and narrated this short tale illustrating obedience:

Once a Master asked his disciple to wake him at 5:00 A.M. by knocking on his door. The disciple kept vigilantly awake all night until 4:55 A.M. He then dozed for ten minutes and […]