“The hypocrite deceives himself and others too”

“The only sin which God does not forgive is hypocrisy. The hypocrite deceives himself and others too. These days the hypocritical saints have increased […]

What is grace?

What is grace? Suppose one becomes one hundred percent prepared and then realizes himself as God; that is not grace. If the worst sinner […]

“Just go on thinking of me and leave everything to me”


Adarsh Khare said, “I want such love whereby I can really see you.”

Baba replied:

“For such love, my grace is required.

If […]

“He needs to be awakened by prayer.”

Padri, rather exasperated, confronted Baba, saying, “God is omnipresent and omniscient, so why pray for his blessing?”

“God is omnipresent,” […]

Moral and spiritual progress alongside material progress

On Sunday, 15 December 1968, Dr. Grant came to Meherazad at 7:30 A.M. from Poona with his nurse, and gave Baba a blood transfusion […]

“It is better to deny God than to defy God”

God alone is real, and undoubtedly God exists. I am God. I am God in human form and God the Beyond. I experience my […]

“It takes great daring to obey me. Be brave, do not be afraid. I am with you.”

Baba smiled and asked, “Is there anything you want?”

[Robert Dreyfuss]:”Yes, Baba. I want to love you as you should be loved. […]

“It is good to excel in whatever one takes up, so long as there is a feeling of humility”

After lunch, Baba sat on the verandah surrounded by his lovers. The main hall was completely vacated, as Baba agreed to distribute trophies that […]

Baba’s will and our response

Some days later, Eruch read Hoshang Dadachanji’s letter to Baba, in which he mentioned this tragedy: “May our Beloved Baba give [the Arjani family] […]

“Anything given with love is not lost.”

Occasionally, Baba permitted his lovers to pay to have food prepared for himself and the mandali on some special occasion or celebration, such as […]