Daily connect with Baba by thinking of Him in silence just for a minute

Baba then said, “Now try to completely silence your mind for one minute.” A minute of silence followed and Baba continued, giving a simple but effective method of daily remembrance:

If those who love me will just for one minute, as now, be silent in their minds just before they go to […]

“You have an opportunity because I am here with you and I say: “Love me.”

If you were dreaming and I appeared in your dream and told you that you were dreaming, it is not real — you would say: “Baba, I am enjoying these things; I know they are real.” It is hard to understand. In your awake dream I tell you now, nothing is real, […]

“Don’t worry! Worry accumulates and increases in strength”


Don’t worry! Worry accumulates and increases in strength, becomes a habit long after the original cause has ceased to be. [He asked one man his age.] When you were young, this and that happened; you cried, you felt sad and worry began. And after 50 years you still worry, although the time when […]

You should be afraid of dishonesty but not weaknesses


The spot where Baba held this meeting mentioned in this post which is next to the hut

Before leaving Mahewa, Baba took the mandali to a spot near Meherastana. After returning, at about 8 A.M., he sat outside his room and discussed matters with the local workers. The main […]

A brief account of the Manonash work at Hyderabad during New Life period

Group photo – Baba with participants of ‘The Hyderabad Meeting’ (June, 1951)

Manonash work is the culmination of New Life. Manonash (or Man-o-nash) means ‘annihilation of mind’. The Manonash phase of work started at Khojaguda cave, Hyderabad. Baba stayed in Hyderabad from 27 May to 24 Oct 1951 during New Life. During […]

A very simple method of overcoming anger

After the Hamirpur group, the Delhi and Dehra Dun groups were called. Prakashwati’s son, Bhushan, had barely turned sixteen, and so he was allowed to attend the program. Baba asked if he was following his orders, and then asked in wonderment, “How is it that you always get angry so quickly?”

Baba […]

“Don’t allow this devil [anger] to invade your nut!”


Baba visited the site often. On 22 March 1948, he went there along with Adi Sr., Pendu, Padri and Goher. Padri was supervising Mahiboob (carpenter/contractor) in fitting the plumbing to the new buildings. Baba insisted that he speed up the work. From the 27th, Vishnu began staying at Pimpalgaon to help oversee the […]

NEWS: 65th Anniversary Program of Manonash work at Hyderabad, Khajaguda (Khojaguda), Hyderabad – 16 Oct 2016


Beloved Baba has started the significant work of Manonash (Annihilation of mind) in the cave during the New Life phase. He stayed in the cave from 16 Oct 1951 to 24th Oct 1951 for the Manonash seclusion work.

Sri. Shridhar Kelkar, Chairman of the AMBPPC Trust, Beloved Baba’s nephews Rustomji & Sohrabji […]

“Do your duty, but don’t feel worried about it”

… why worry about the future? … “Why worry?” It never means anything …

Do your duty, but don’t feel worried about it. Remain 100 percent happy, 100 percent honest. Do the best you can; then at night, relax and […]

This is not a matter of just whitewashing the mind

A large darshan of mostly Bombay, Poona and Ahmednagar lovers was held on Sunday, 3 April 1960 from 8:00 A.M. until noon. Abdul Karim, a professor of Persian at Ahmednagar College, had come in Baba’s contact through Bhagirath. Baba asked the professor what he had eaten for breakfast and lunch. The professor enumerated a […]