“The mind must be kept engaged in service to others”

Most of the mandali at this time were young men, and Baba spent two hours that day explaining to them about the enormous increase in sanskaras acquired through immoral acts.

He continued:

Hence, bad thoughts should not be entertained. The mind must be kept engaged in service to others […]

“You love yourself more than you love God” (Final)

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So be completely indifferent to it and it will disappear. The solution is to love God as He should be loved. Love for God alone counts.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4482 Jan, 1959; Guruprasad


Baba’s love is with his lovers always, helping and […]

“To surrender is not as difficult as people think”

On Thursday, 5 January 1939, Keki Bajan again came with his family to see Baba. Explaining to them about surrender and grace, Baba stated:

To surrender is not as difficult as people think. It must not be external, but internal. You must do your duty toward your dear ones — your […]

“Suffering should be for something worthwhile, and not for selfishness or weakness”

A finely dressed man came to see Baba and prayed to him for guidance on the path. Baba asked him, “For what do you want this guidance?”

The man confessed, “I have incurred numerous debts to maintain my family in comfort; now the debts are weighing on me like a great mountain. They pierce […]

“Be like a football, which never cries out or complains when kicked”

During this time at Meherabad, Pendu was working as a nurse and supervisor in the hospital, and Padri was dispensing the medicines for the doctor. Both were fully occupied in these labors. Baba would be very exacting when he observed their work and would daily find some fault with them. On 3 June, both […]

“One should call on His mercy from the depths of one’s heart”

God is absolutely independent, infinitely independent. He is absolutely perfect within Himself. He is also beyond Perfect Independence, because when we call Him independent, then we have also the contrary thought of dependence. His independence is such that it can never be imagined, and nothing opposite to it can ever happen. When we […]

Excerpts from an Interview in London – 1931

Q. Could you show us some means to overcome our weaknesses and faults?

Baba: By selfless service, devotion and love. By utilising our best in the service of others. By remaining in the world, and yet not being of it.

Q. What about a person who is so engaged in various activities that he […]

“Grace is an act of unbounded spontaneity”


…Consciousness of the Nothing is the Vacuum State. Consciousness of Everything is the God State. But this needs my grace.

One of the devotees interrupted, pleading, “So, Baba, we seek your grace.”

In response, Baba replied:

No one gets it from his seeking or asking. You may be ready even to give up […]

How the Avatar knows everything

As Dedolchow and Amiya Das were leaving, Baba remarked to Harry, “I know everything. Do you know how I know everything?”

Harry said he did not. Explaining, Baba said:

The nature of the infinitely complicated phenomenon — the universe — is infinitely simple. But to know and understand this is infinitely difficult. When you […]

“Rewards in proportion to their love, service, faith and honesty”


On 21 May, according to his wish, Eruch read out the names of the departed ones as he had done in Meherazad in November, and recited the same one-line prayer Baba had dictated at that time,

“O God, grant these departed lovers of mine their just rewards in proportion to their […]