Reincarnation and Karma – The Significance of Death: Problems of impersonal intellect

Impersonal considerations go a long way to fortify the mind against the personal sorrow caused by death. But they do not by themselves solve the wider problems that confound even the impersonal intellect of man when he considers some of the implications of death within the limits of his ordinary experience. If death is […]

Reincarnation and Karma – The Significance of Death: Attachment to specific forms

So, even within the limits of experience of the worldly, there is much that should mitigate morbid thoughts of death as being an irreparable loss. A sane attitude toward death is possible only if life is considered impersonally and without any attachment to particular forms. This the worldly person finds difficult because of his […]

Reincarnation and Karma – The Significance of Death: Continuity of life

The overwhelming importance of death is derived from man’s attachment to particular forms. But death loses much of its sting and importance, even for the worldly, if one takes a broader view of the course of life. In spite of their transitoriness, there is an unbroken continuity of life through these forms – old […]

Reincarnation and Karma – The Significance of Death: Death as background of life

As the worldly individual considers death to be the cessation of life, he gives great importance to it. There are few, however, who contemplate death for prolonged periods. And in spite of the fact that most persons are completely engrossed in their worldly pursuits, they are impressed by the incident of death when confronted […]

Reincarnation and Karma – The Significance of Death: Identification of soul with gross body

The worldly person completely identifies life with the manifestations and activities of the gross body. For him, therefore, the beginning and the end of bodily existence are also the beginning and the end of the individualized soul. All his experience seems to testify to the transitoriness of the physical body; and he has often […]

Teachings in accordance with our readiness to listen and understand

Life at the school ashram returned to a normal schedule again. In the course of his explanations on Monday, 5 March 1928, the Master revealed this about Jesus’ statements:

If poor God were only to sit in heaven like a thief, then He must be pitied. If Jesus said that God is […]

“My Christmas blessings to you to hold fast to my daaman.”

“My Christmas blessings to you to hold fast to my daaman.”

(Lord Meher, p4477)


While Baba was in London, the Countess Kitty Pahlen hosted a reception for him at her home on Friday evening, 29 June 1934. About fifteen sincere people came to meet Baba, and […]

“If you think you are obliging those whom you serve, then it is not service”

On 7 January, Baba gave this message to the mandali about service to destitute people:

To help the poor, the needy and suffering people is service. Such persons give us the opportunity to serve them and we should be thankful to them. While performing such service, we should not have the least […]

God and the Individual: State of Perfection [Final part]

In the state of Perfection, full consciousness becomes consummate by the disappearance of all obstacles to Illumination. The conquest of the unconscious by the conscious is complete, and the person continuously dwells in the full blaze of Illumination or as one with Illumination. He becomes Illumination itself. As long as a person remains under […]

God and the Individual: Conscious union with infinite Reality

A Perfect Master is consciously united with the infinite Reality. In his case the chasm between consciousness and unconsciousness is bridged, not by the extension of the unconscious over the conscious (as with the person who enjoys deep sleep) but by the extension of consciousness over unconsciousness. The waxing and waning of consciousness is […]