Pilgrimage to Meherabad – Its significance in Eruch’s words

19 August 1994

We His lovers, must not forget why we come to Meherabad in the first place. Meherabad is a place of Holy Pilgrimage. It is not a vacation spot, resort or retreat. It behooves each pilgrim blessed to cross His Threshold, to accept all conditions of their pilgrimage as the prasad given […]

NEWS: Amartithi Live

48th Amartithi 2017 Live


30 January 2017 1:00 PM – 1 February 2017 2:00 PM Live URL Link:

http://www.ambppct.org/amartithi2017Live.php or https://www.youtube.com/user/Amartithi2012/live


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“Henceforth you don’t need to tell or ask Me anything. I will give you internal guidance.”

Baba went into deeper seclusion in 1968, and although He went to Guruprasad for the summer months as usual, not even the very intimate ones in Poona were allowed to see Him, nor were the mandali allowed to leave Guruprasad. For a few hours in the morning Baba would sit alone in His bedroom […]

“They will have that longing for me, and that is my real darshan.”

When Bhau was with Baba during night watch, Baba would ask about the letters received. One day Bhau asked, “All of the letters seek just one thing — your darshan, and you do not give it!”

Explaining, Baba replied,

“My work is different. It is not my work to travel continuously […]

“A big mess!”

One day, referring to the present state of the world, Baba bemoaned,

“A big mess! Of all my advents, in the present one, I am exercising my patience to the utmost.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p5342 August, 1968; Meherazad


Baba was in a very good mood and during the session, gave a short discourse to the […]

Reincarnation and Karma – The Existence and the Memory of Past Lives: Advantages of recovered memory

Advantages of recovered memory: The speed of spiritual evolution is faster after the natural recovery of the memory of past incarnations. Disentanglement from mundane things is facilitated by conscious knowledge of the history of the development of such entanglements. Spiritual evolution, which was mostly unconscious of the limiting past, now becomes conscious of it. […]

Reincarnation and Karma – The Existence and the Memory of Past Lives: Wise use of resurrected memory

Conditions for release of memory: The resurrection of the memory of past lives can be faced without confusion or loss of balance only when the person has become desireless and has lost all feeling of “mine” and “thine.” Those whom he once looked upon as belonging to him might be seen in the present […]

Reincarnation and Karma – The Existence and the Memory of Past Lives: Shielding from complications

Life would be infinitely more complicated if one who is not spiritually advanced were burdened by the conscious memory of numberless past lives. He would be dazed and unsettled by the diversity of settings in which persons would appear to him in the light of his memory. He is not called upon to face […]

Reincarnation and Karma – The Existence and the Memory of Past Lives: Release of memory of past lives

Release of memory of past lives: The number of persons who can remember their past lives is very small compared with the vast majority, who are so completely bound to the gross sphere of existence that they do not even suspect super-sensible realities. The release of such memories is severely conditioned by the limitations of […]

Reincarnation and Karma – The Existence and the Memory of Past Lives: Memory of past lives

In rare cases, in spite of the resistance offered by the brain, some memories of past lives leak into the present life in the form of dreams that are completely unexplainable in terms of the present life. An individual may see persons in his dreams whom he has never seen in his present life. […]