Reincarnation and Karma – The Existence and the Memory of Past Lives: Memory of past lives

In rare cases, in spite of the resistance offered by the brain, some memories of past lives leak into the present life in the form of dreams that are completely unexplainable in terms of the present life. An individual may see persons in his dreams whom he has never seen in his present life. […]

Reincarnation and Karma – The Existence and the Memory of Past Lives: Effect of getting a new brain

Tendency to accept deeper explanations: Unless there is some deeper explanation forthcoming, the human mind is riddled with agonizing perplexities that tend to embitter a person’s general outlook on life and foster a callous cynicism. This in many ways is even worse than the deepest personal sorrow that death may cause. But in spite […]

Reincarnation and Karma – The Existence and the Memory of Past Lives: Gateways of birth and death

Gateways of birth and death: Those who have immediate access to the super-sensible truths concerning the life of the soul and its reincarnation know, through their unclouded perception, that so-called birth is only an incarnation of the individualized soul in the gross sphere. The unbroken continuity of the life of the reincarnating soul is […]

Reincarnation and Karma – Hell and Heaven: Heaven and hell and release of wisdom

Different souls start with different degrees of intuitive wisdom as their initial capital for the experiments and adventures of their earthly careers. This intuition may seem to have been the product of past experiences, thus adding to the equipment of the psyche; but it is more truly an unfoldment of what was already latent […]

Reincarnation and Karma – Hell and Heaven: Analogy of cinema

Analogy of cinema: The fret and fury of immediate responses to the changing situations of earthly life is replaced in life after death by a more leisurely mood, freed from the urgency of immediately needed actions. All the experiences of the earthly career are now available for reflection in a form more vivid than […]

Reincarnation and Karma – Hell and Heaven: Retrospective survey of earthly experiences

Termination of hell and heaven: Just as a phonograph record is set aside after the needle has traveled through each groove, the hell state and the heaven state terminate after consciousness has traversed the imprints left by earthly life. Just as the song produced by the record is strictly determined by the original song […]

Reincarnation and Karma – Hell and Heaven: Time in semi-subtle world

Time in semi-subtle world: Hell and heaven are both states of bondage, however, and subject to the limitations of the opposites of pleasure and pain. Both are states whose duration is determined by the nature, amount, and intensity of the accumulated impressions. Time in the semi-subtle world is not the same as time in […]

Reincarnation and Karma – Hell and Heaven: Sufferings of hell and pleasures of heaven

Bodily sensations of coarser desires: Thus in the finer desires, the actual sensations play a subordinate role to the derivative aspects based upon the sensations. In the coarser desires the chief element is provided by the actual sensations connected with the physical object and the sensations aroused by them through bodily response to their […]

Reincarnation and Karma – Hell and Heaven: Coarser vs finer desires

Coarser desires contribute to hell state:

Some desires have a direct relation to the possession and assimilation of gross objects through the gross body. The coarser desires such as lust, gluttony, or the craving for alcohol or drugs are of this type. These desires are specifically earthly because they are possessive and they […]

Reincarnation and Karma – Hell and Heaven: Heaven on earth

In fact, even in the earthly sphere of existence some individuals develop this capacity of making their pleasure independent of possession of a gross object. Beethoven, for example, was completely deaf; and yet through the exercise of imagination alone, he was able to enjoy intensely his own compositions of music. In a sense, even […]