The value of austerity, self-denial and hardship

Hearing this, one of the disciples remarked, “Sire, if realization be so easy of attainment, then why is it that disciples are invariably made to undergo a long period of trials and austerities?” In reply, Ghaus Ali Shah related the following anecdote:

“A certain man having two vessels encrusted with the rust and dirt […]

Always be cheerful

If you don’t want to be old before you really ought to be old, be cheerful in thought, word, deed and appearance – most of all in appearance. Maybe you are not happy inside, perhaps gas in your stomach. But you must look happy. I always find half of you garlic-faced. When you eat […]

“By selfless service, devotion and love”

Mr. Vivian asked… “Could you show us some means to overcome our weaknesses and faults?”

“By selfless service, devotion and love. By utilizing our best in the service of others. By remaining in the world, and yet not being of it,” Baba dictated.

Mr. Vivian asked, “What about a person who is […]

Analogy of a water-diviner

Giving an analogy of a water-diviner (a person who locates where a well should be dug), Baba said:

There are five types of men:

those who are water-diviners, those who know the water-diviners, those who use a machine to test for water, those who begin digging a well, and those who, in […]

The progression

Someone else asked, “But how do we earn that opportunity (of meeting a Perfect Master)? All of us cannot think of God and have the intense desire for real bliss.”

Baba explained at length:

Naturally, this depends on one’s sanskaras. There is a course of experience through which every being must […]

Undergoing hardships for others wipes out our past karma


Baba inquired about Piloo’s sister, Shirin Damania. “She works very hard,” Piloo said. “Since our mother died years ago, and we were all so young, Shirin has looked after all of us brothers and sisters, brought us up and managed everything in the house.”

Baba commented, “Working for and serving others, and undergoing […]

“Be mentally free and happy.”


On the 13th of October, at ten-thirty in the morning, Baba sent for Adi and Ghani. He told them, “Be mentally free and happy.”

He then explained what he meant:

As the cause, so the effect; the cause may be big and important, or small and insignificant, but the result will […]

Love Vs Devotion

Love burns the lover. Devotion burns the Beloved.

Love seeks happiness for the Beloved. Devotion seeks for blessing from the Beloved.

Love seeks to shoulder the burden of the Beloved. Love gives. Devotion asks.

Love is silent and sublime, devoid of outward expressions. Devotion expresses itself outwards.

Love does not require the presence of […]