“When I give an order, …I give you scope to exert your very most to please me”

On 16 August 1960 when a discussion arose over whether something Baba had stated was an order or not, Baba clarified:

I want you to do this means I would like you to do it if you can. That is, it is a request.

I wish you to do this means I want you […]

“You can draw me in my Real Form through love”


After spending a short while in his room, Baba was brought to the hall where the Hamirpur group had gathered, including several people from Kanpur, Jalaun, Barda and Jhansi. Baba began:

I also belong to Hamirpur. I have connection with Hamirpur from ages past. This is the reason that I have gone to […]

Act without caring for results


One must sincerely try to do his duties, but the results must always be left with God. Worrying about the results is no good and of no use.

If a person wishes to do anything for others, he must do it sincerely. And having done it, he should not worry about the results, […]

“As soon as we make others happy, then God knows about it immediately”

“Christ said the very same thing. Why do we need another prescription? Because humanity would never listen to Him. He said the same thing: ‘I am the Reality. All follow Me. Wake up from the dream!’ None listen. The same thing is repeating again. That’s why I tell you, love Me more and more […]

“The root of all our difficulties, individual and social, is self-interest”

[A reporter from the Associated Press came to interview Baba]

“Will your Holiness kindly give me a message that I may broadcast to the world?”

Baba then repeated some of his remarks given a few months before to the Westerners:

When suffering leads to real, eternal happiness, we should not attach […]

“Love Me more and that will take care of everything”

Why should you feel yourself unworthy and why do you think that I am pulling on you and so forth? I love you as you are. You have a nice, frank, receptive heart that can and does love in spite of constant reverses, as you say, from the head. And that is all I […]

“Keep firm and dedicate all your thoughts and worries to me”

One couple who came before Baba then was Minta and her husband, Glynn Barton, who was deeply worried about something.

Baba assured Barton, “With my authority I tell you that your desperate situation will clear up if you keep firm and dedicate all your thoughts and worries to me.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p3980 Jul, 1956; London


Truth is of God, Law is of Illusion

There are two things: Truth and Law. Truth belongs to God, Law belongs to Illusion.

Illusion is infinitely vast yet it is governed by Law. The ‘law of cause and effect’, which none can escape, belongs to this Law.

Law is bondage. Truth is Freedom. Law upholds Ignorance. Truth upholds Reality. Law governs imagination […]

The working of the law of karma

There is a king who has vast possessions. But he is a worthless king. He spends all his energy and money in selfish pursuits and luxuries and has no care for his subjects. In his next birth he is born blind and becomes a beggar and thus compensates for his wrong doings.

Now this […]

Only the Sadguru can change the course of a person’s destiny

[Continued from previous post]

Amplifying this point, Baba continued:

In fact, there is nothing such as happiness and misery, virtue and vice, or good and bad. Only bliss exists! The experiences of happiness, misery, virtue, vice, good and bad are nothing. But they are the necessary stepping stones on the course to […]