“Love never fails”

There is no such thing as ‘failure’ on the journey towards Truth or God. It is merely a question of time. (The Awakener Magazine I/2/33)

The opposites of failure and success need each other. There can be no success unless there is failure; and it is equally true that there can be no failure […]

“Automatic remembrance of God in a natural way is what is worthwhile”

General Bhandari of Poona was being transferred to Delhi. Having the urge to pay respects to Baba on his way to Delhi, without prior intimation, just as Adi was leaving for Meherazad on the 2nd, Bhandari and his wife came to Khushru Quarters, with their seventeen-year-old daughter, Reva. Adi told them to follow his […]

“If you want to alter anything, start with actions”

The next morning, February 7th, Baba called the two Australian ladies(Ena Lemmon and Clarice Adams) to Ashiana, where he explained to them:

Be happy in any conditions and don’t worry about anything. If the whole world rocks, don’t rock with it!

And particularly don’t worry about thoughts. If you want to alter […]

Love God honestly

In the afternoon at the dak bungalow, Muluktla Ramalingam Sastri (whom Baba nicknamed Baba Sastri) sang some of Kabir and Mira’s songs in a classical way. Kabir’s song “Remove the Veil and You Will See Ram” prompted Baba to explain:

Just imagine that ages ago you were, now are and will ever […]

“But then you forget, and have to come again and again”

During one occasion at Guruprasad, another elderly woman had come, and the mandali had provided her a chair before Baba came to the hall. Baba entered the hall and asked the gathering:

Do you all know why you have come here? Why have you been invited here? I have called you to let you […]

The real prayer

One day, when Baba asked someone to pray, the devotee began: “O God, grant me health, give me long life so that I may serve Thee …”

Baba interrupted, correcting him, “This is not a prayer, but a list of your wishes! The real prayer to God is praise for Him through […]

“I am he, undoubtedly”


That day a Catholic priest, Father Anthony, the principal of Saint Catherine of Siena School in Bombay, came for Baba’s darshan.

The priest had dedicated his life to serving the poor. Baba remarked to him:

I am well pleased with your work among destitute and abandoned children. By serving the abandoned, you are […]

“I am the selfsame Christ who was nailed on the cross”

While looking at the figures depicted at the Last Supper, Baba commented:

I loved John intensely. I remember John and Judas [more] often, though I had great love for Peter too. There are many things about Jesus and his circle that are not yet known to people, as books such as the Bible have […]

Did Christ suffer physically on the cross?

Since the Westerners were from a Christian background, there would often be questions about Jesus Christ. Since Baba had already explained that Jesus did not die on the cross, there would be questions about the crucifixion and Jesus’ suffering. One of them asked, “Did Christ suffer physically on the cross?”

Spelling out from his […]

You would never feel like complaining again about anything

“Baba, there are so many things I wish to do for you,” Ivy declared, “but these broken feet won’t let me!”

Baba said, “Can’t you take this much? Look what they did to me when I was Jesus – put all those thorns on my head, which drew blood, made me carry the cross. […]