“This is His message to us”

A few days later, Mehera and Mani were sitting in Baba’s bedroom. “Baba didn’t leave us any message,” Mehera said regretfully, “any instructions.”

Baba’s departure from their midst had been so sudden and unexpected.

Mani said, “Yes, he did. Early on the morning of the 31st, he had that board [Hafiz’s] brought in.” They […]

49th Amartithi Live Webcast

Watch Avatar Meher Baba 49th Amartithi 2018 Live video from 30th Jan 12:30 pm to 1st Feb, 2pm


“Remember this, I am not this body . . .”

During the night of January 30th, 1969, Meher Baba gestured to me on three separate occasions,

“Remember this, I am not this body . . . Remember, I am not this body . . . Remember, I am not this body.”

The Avatar in Reality is divine, and therefore when he manifests his divinity […]

Baba’s Samadhi – To Imbibe Divine Impressions

“There is a spiritual intensity at Meherabad. The body of Avatar Meher Baba which is resting in the Tomb at Meherabad, is the body that housed Reality and anything that is in direct contact with Reality is naturally sanctified. So the effect of that body is that everything for miles around is sanctified.” – […]

Baba’s Samadhi – The Tomb is the Divine Treasure!


“He has said just before He dropped His body, ‘Now the shop will be opened.’ He has really opened His Wineshop in the Tomb, and He is inviting humanity to come there to drink. What a beautiful place His Tomb is — the Tomb is the Divine Treasure. Oh humanity! Don’t […]

With your heart predominating

I wish every Baba lover the opportunity of being at Meherabad on Amartithi Day at least once. In the early years the line for darshan was not very long, and the crowd was such that one could spend ample time with each one of Beloved Baba’s precious family from around the world. Sometimes it […]

Alternatives to our destiny

[Extracted from “Gift of God, by Arnavaz]

This is not to say that if we obey Baba, all our suffering ends. Suffering is absolutely essential to the journey of the soul, as it alone can break us of our attachments, and it may even be intensified for a short while as Baba guides us […]

“Body is only given to you as a medium for you to know the Self”

A week later, on 29 April 1926, Baba used the simile of a cup and saucer to explain that the body was only a means to liberation:

Indeed, be well off in the world with your family, and do your duties towards your family sincerely. But do not harbor the ambition and […]

What love means

Journalist: ‘When you speak of love sir, what do you mean when you speak of love?’

Eruch: Baba says: What is love? Here is my Beloved and I love the Beloved. What this love means, is to give up everything — wanting nothing in return. I want to give, make him happy, pleased, even […]

“Carry on your worldly duties but think that Baba is behind everything”

One lover from an out-station told Baba that he wanted to stay for one month at Poona and do Baba’s “Seva” or service.

Baba told him, “What service will you do here? Spreading My message of love is My service.

If you stay here, on the contrary, I will have to do your seva, […]