Sanskaras (1/4) – Impressions on mind

What, really, are sanskaras?

‘Impressions’ is the literal meaning. Whatever impression the mind receives is called sanskaras, and then these sanskaras again have to be spent and experienced. All your actions and desires are given shape by these impressions. For example: In a camera you take different impressions of one certain movement, and many […]

Baba’s photographs

Keep My photographs or whatever will remind you of Me and help you to continue remembering Me. Keep My picture in your house and in your toilet also, so that even there you can remember Me all the time. -The Ancient One, by Eruch Jessawala, ed. Naosherwan Anzar, p97

What I want are not […]

“You love yourself more than you love God”

One of the reporters remarked, “Although one makes a determined beginning, one’s enthusiasm slowly wanes when there seems nothing to show for the efforts, and this is followed by a feeling of mental depression.”

Baba answered:

Yes, this is quite common. Whatever the efforts you make, whatever the failures that seem to result, whatever […]

Modern Communications

Have you not noticed how all the nations have been brought into quick communication with each other during this modem epoch? Do you not see how railways, steamships, telephones, cables, wireless and newspapers have caused the whole world to become a closely-woven unit? An important event which happens in one country is made […]

Offering pure, unadulterated love

Any worship or obeisance done to any deity, animate or inanimate, to any saint, guru, yogi or advanced souls eventually comes to me. By offering pure, unadulterated love to anyone and anything you will be loving me., p3520 Mar, 1954; Andhra tour

The “real gift” – Part 2 of 2

When the Omniscient bestows the real gift of love, He manifests His complete forgetfulness of it by apparently becoming callous towards His lovers. Hence the untold sufferings on the path of love that are experienced by the lovers of God, as also the unimaginable pangs of separation felt by them for their only Beloved […]

The “real gift” – Part 1 of 2

What is meant by the “real gift”? If a gift is to be real, then both the giver and receiver of the gift must forget the transaction completely. To forget completely would mean that the giver should not feel he has given, and the receiver should not know that he has received. If the […]

Inherently beyond one’s control

Love for a Perfect Master, however deep and devotional it may be, does not necessarily affect the original nature of a person because, despite apparent superficial changes, the individual nature remains the same up to the seventh plane. On the seventh plane, there is no individual mind, therefore no individual nature.

This nature is […]

The gift of understanding

The gift of understanding is more precious than any other attribute of Love — be it expressed in service or sacrifice.

Love can be blind, selfish, greedy, ignorant, but love with understanding can be none of these things. It is the Divine fruit of Pure Love, the rare fruit or flower of the Universe. […]

“You have no idea of my love and compassion which sustains your very being”

One of you has said, Baba, I am doing my duty honestly, yet I am not happy.

Who is to be blamed for this? Does God take advantage of my weakness? I am happy with your frankness, but you have yet to come to that honesty which will show you that you cannot blame […]