Annihilating Sanskaras: Two Analogies – 2. A ball of string and its coilings

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And how to do this?

Take, as another analogy, a ball of string and its coilings. At first, the winding process creates natural loops and knots and these are like sanskaras. The twists and knots put the string—representing Self—into a quandary, a puzzlement, such that it forgets its real Self […]

Annihilating Sanskaras: Two Analogies – 1. The tailor and the coat

You people die a thousand deaths, and despite that, you stay where you are and do not progress. You continue to get caught up in the ceaseless rounds of birth and death, because you continue to mistake the teacup, which is the sadhan or means, for the tea itself, which is the Real and […]

Giving up your life

“He who does not give up his life does not reach his Beloved God.”

… Now what is the meaning of this “life giving”? Does it mean jumping out of running car or committing suicide with self-inflicted violence and torture to the body? No. Not at all. “Give up life” means to renounce Maya’s […]

The need for active effort

Commenting on the statement, “Finding God is the eternal problem and struggle,” Baba explained:

It is true. But one must not stop there and make no efforts, taking that problem as impossible to solve, and feeling despondent, give it up. That search and struggle must continue, with added vigor and enthusiasm at every step, […]

Resign to the will of God and be happy

Real happiness is within; once you know how to attain it, you will find it everywhere. (Love Alone Prevails, Kitty Davy, p129)

Everyone can be happy, but some feel happy and some feel miserable. Those who constantly want something will never feel happy. Misery is bound to accompany wanting. Those who never want for […]

“Fear means there is no love”

Fear acts as a thick curtain between the “I” and the “you.”…[I]t…nourishes deep distrust of the other [and] inevitably brings about a shrinking and withdrawal of consciousness, so as to exclude the being of another from the context of one’s own life. Therefore, not only other souls but God should be loved and not […]

You can love Him in any form

Baba told him [Professor Dagray]: “All understanding is not knowing. Everything that can be understood is not God … I have said repeatedly all along — since ages, I have been saying: The only thing worth living for and dying for is God.

“In any form, you can love Him. Through any […]

He learned a hard lesson about lying to Baba

GSN Moorty to the right of Baba in back coat

During his interview, Dr. Moorty told Baba that he had urgent work in Poona and asked permission to leave. Baba asked, “Can’t you remain until the sahavas is over?”

Although it was untrue, Moorty replied, “No, I have some important work.”

Baba permitted him […]

The illusion and dream – Part 2 (Final)

Baba at Sakori

Japa and tapa (repetition of God’s name and penance or austerities) are also a dream. All these acts create bindings. Fasting, too, is a binding. To eat is a binding.

To escape from this bondage, leave everything to Baba and dedicate to him, in all honesty and with full sincerity, your […]

The illusion and dream – Part 1

Baba at Sakori beside Upasni Maharaj’s samadhi, 1954

Baba asked Gulmai to relate what Upasni Maharaj had told her about him years before in Sakori. Gulmai said, “Maharaj once told me that Merwan would come here and sit in this place. You are sitting on the very spot pointed out by Maharaj. Maharaj also […]