Qualities required for the conduct of Baba Centers

Also on the 11th, Eruch wrote to those in Bombay about conducting the affairs of their center:

Baba says that he always feels pleased and at home when he finds his lovers living and working for his cause in an atmosphere that is surcharged with

the sweetness of humility, the fragrance of harmony and […]

The Atma’s Love of Play

Baba stopped at 2:45 P.M. in the town of Alamuru, where darshan was held in the newly-built Shanti movie theater. Almost 1,000 people were present and received his prasad. They heard this message from Baba titled “The Atma’s Love of Play”:

Each and every seemingly individual soul (atma) is destined to realize its One […]

“A woman can play an important part in the development of divine grace”


When Baba was sitting for the final session with the sculptor Edward Merrett on April 13th, a newspaper reporter came to watch and asked Baba:

“It is said that a woman is a drag on man in his attainment of divine grace. All the saints …”

Baba interrupted, emphatically spelling out, “No! A […]

“Every minute of a man’s life is a sort of minor war”

On the 24th, a 60-year-old man came to see Baba and said, “Although I have had many minor turning points in my life, I feel today that the main turning point of my life has at last arrived by meeting you.”

Baba smiled and explained to him:

“Yes, that turning point […]

“As within, so without”

There is a very close connection between a man’s character and his circumstances, between his internal environment of thoughts and desires and his external social environment. ‘As within, so without’ is the law.

If we are dissatisfied with our environment, it is usually because we do not know how to adjust ourselves properly to […]

Self-control requires courage and love

I believe in self-control, not in coercion. Coercion is based on oppression, and results in fear and hatred. Self-control requires courage and may be induced by love. We will do many things for those whom we love which we would not ordinarily do — which we would not ordinarily have the strength of mind […]

On ‘Reporting to Baba’


Taking a break from a business trip to Cochin from New Delhi, Don Stevens visited Meherazad again for a day on the morning of 27 November 1965. He arrived in Meherjee’s car with Meherwan Jessawala.

Stevens’ mother had recently passed away. Though Don had mentioned it in passing in a letter to Baba, […]

“I put you there; now stay there.”

Don Stevens was a well-paid executive of Standard Oil. Once, thinking that he should pursue a more humanitarian line of work, such as being a doctor, teacher or counselor, he contemplated giving up the oil business. He decided that the next time he came to India, he would tell Baba of his decision. When […]

The interplay of good and bad actions in life

Baba in Mysore

The next day, a discussion among the men mandali took place about the interplay of good and bad actions in life, whereupon Baba stated:

There is really nothing like “good” or “bad.” As good is necessary, likewise bad is also necessary — like positive and negative. Both are […]

Even trees respond to a lover’s request to meet his Beloved

Espandiar Vesali had been a student in the Prem Ashram in Meherabad in 1927-1928. Soon after the school closed, he returned home to Iran and had not seen Baba since 1928. Espandiar longed to have Baba’s darshan, but he wrote saying he had no money to travel to India. Through Baidul, Baba wrote back […]