Truth and Religion – Part 2 (Final)

The same applies to that Christian philosophy propounded by the so-called ministers of the present day who preach that salvation can be won only through accepting the faith of Christ and baptism, that all non-believers in Christianity are heathen, and so on. What is all this nonsense which is happening in the sacred name […]

Truth and Religion – Part 1

Truth has nothing in the least to do with religion. It stands far, far beyond religion’s limited and barren dictates and doctrines. Truth lies in simply giving up Maya, especially kam, krodh, and kafichan— lust, anger, and wealth. Anybody can aspire for and attain to it. Caste distinctions and prejudices have no place there. […]

The Deep Philosophy of the Masters’ Teachings – Part 3 (Final)

For example, the typical Zoroastrian, while offering his daily devotions, can often be marked counting the number of pages left for the completion of a certain lengthy prayer which he has commenced—which goes to show that he is thinking only of finishing the tiresome task of “murmuring.” He assumes he is carrying this out […]

The Deep Philosophy of the Masters’ Teachings – Part 2

The Tal-bhajan of Hindus and the Namaz of Muhammadans:

Similarly, the tal-bhajan of the Hindus and the namaz of the Muhammadans are means of concentrating the mind towards the one ideal—and one ideal only—of uniting ourselves with God; these practices were given by the sages with the express purpose of diverting our […]

The Deep Philosophy of the Masters’ Teachings – Part 1

What a fine philosophy, full of deep meanings, these great Masters and Avatars have taught! The kasti of the Zoroastrians, the tal-bhajan of the Hindus, and namaz of the Muhammadans, are nothing but beautiful remedies for the cutting and removal of sanskaras—which comprise the greatest obstacle in the path of God-realization.

The Philosophy and […]

The Roads to Realization

According to the sages, there are three different roads to Realization, as shall now be described.

The first of these roads—the shortest, quickest, and easiest—is Sat-sangam (company and residence with a Saint), which entails, in addition to companionship, the seva (service) performed according to his order. This road to Realization may be […]

The Philosophy and Significance of a Coconut – Part 2/2

Let us go over these four stages again, explaining them somewhat more specifically.

Firstly, the parts of the gross body have to be removed, which occurs through a long and gradual process. We can compare the plucking of each thread or fiber with the severing and destroying of another of material Maya’s numberless attributes. […]

The Philosophy and Significance of a Coconut – Part 1/2

The coconut is considered to be a sacred fruit, occupying a place in many religious ceremonies—those of the Hindus particularly. Apart from its role in ceremonial usage, this fruit is generally placed at the feet of saints and gurus by their disciples and followers, or even by those who pay casual visits, […]

The Substance and the Shadow

Then what is the “substance” and what is the “shadow”?

“Substance” signifies the means to God-realization, while “shadow” refers to the quarreling over philosophies that merely express distant and faint meanings in lengthy, showy, bombastic words and expressions—indeed, even such expressions as “God-realization.” “Shadow” also designates fighting over right or wrong customs, usages, or […]