“I will give it (grace) at the right time.”

Baba then stated: “Experience is not the Goal; having visions is not the Goal. Union with God is the Goal. In order to attain […]

Life’s struggle

All life is an effort to attain freedom from self-created entanglement.

It is a desperate struggle

to undo what has been done under ignorance, […]

Love of Woman and God

A man loves a woman who is living in a distant place. His love causes him to be thinking of her all […]

Bringing the best out of yourself

Art is one of the means through which the soul expresses itself, and inspires others. But to do that thoroughly (the artist) […]

Regarding Sanskaras – Part-2/2

Or to evoke still another figure: suppose you hold an umbrella over your head and then proceed to shout aloud, “Oh, where […]

Regarding Sanskaras – Part-1/2

Sanskaras pose the greatest of hindrances to progress on the path. A huge heap of sanskaras stands behind every soul, and a […]

Bhakti, Karma, and Jnan Marg – Part-2/2

He who advances by the karma marg proceeds along the same basic lines as delineated above, with one difference: on the astral […]

Bhakti, Karma, and Jnan Marg – Part-1/2

At 2 p.m. Shri called the mandali and inquired, “Which is worst jail in India?” Some replied, Sabarmati in 3ujarat, others said […]

Mind and the Working of Sanskaras – Part-2/2

As to the one who has realized God and is immersed in the state of Truth, such a one possesses, at first, […]

Mind and the Working of Sanskaras – Part-1/2

According to “The Combined Diary,” on this Sunday morning Baba “explained to the mandali the ‘workings of the mind, sanskaras, and Truth.’” […]