Sant Mali of Sarnath

[The following anecdote happended during New Life when Baba was in Sarnath, a famous piligrimage center for Buddhists. The above picture is of the Sarnath Bungalow where Baba stayed during New Life. The garden was looked after during that time by the gardener referred as Sant Mali by Baba. This above photo was taken during the Baba Sahavas held at Varanasi in Nov, 2010.]

IN THE GARDEN of the women’s bungalow there was a small cottage for the gardener of the estate. Baba had special love for this gardener, often sending Goher to inquire if he needed anything. The man once told her, “No, theThakur has given me everything; I am not in need of anything.” By “Thakur,” Goher thought he meant the owner of the bungalow or his boss who must be seeing to his needs, and informed Baba accordingly. But hearing it, Baba just smiled, and explained to her and Mehera that he meant “Krishna himself.”

Once, the gardener asked Goher for a matchbox, which Baba sent. Daily, Baba mentioned this man to the companions, and he renamed him “Sant Mali” – meaning “the Saintly Gardener.”

Returning from the underground rooms that day in Sarnath, Baba went to see the gardener with the companions. Sant Mali smiled at them and joyously folded his hands in salutation. Baba praised the man, “See, even in this bitter cold, he is sleeping on this broken cot in the open. He cooks for himself and has only one cooking pot. All year round, he eats only boiled rice with salt. Getting up at four in the morning, he begins repeating “Sita-Ram, Sita-Ram.”He goes to the well for a bath every morning at four, and works in the garden the whole day. He needs nothing and is always happy. He delights in presenting me with five radishes daily. He desires nothing, because he is a saint. His only desire is for his Thakur (God); and for that, his Thakur, I have come to visit him today.”

… On the morning of departure, December 12th, 1949, Baba handed a blanket to Sant Mali and some clothes to another gardener. Sant Mali’s hands were spread to receive “Bhagwan’s gift,” as he called it, but he was so dazed he did not realize when Baba was placing the bundle in his hands.

Baba came out of his cottage with his hand on Sant Mali’s shoulder …, p3510
(New Life period)


“Only love me! When you love me only, then in the intoxication of that love, you will find all physical pleasures lifeless.” (LordMeher (First Ed.), p2350)


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