66th MANONASH Commemoration Sahavas, Khojaguda, Hyderabad

Manonash Cave, Hyderabad


Jai Meher Baba!

🌸 66th MANONASH Commemoration Sahavas 🌸 to remind us of Beloved Baba’s Manonash work at Hyderabad is planned for the 22-Oct-2017, Sunday 8AM-1PM.

Dara (Baba’s nephew) & Amrit from Meherabad will be participating in the grand celebration.

For out-station Baba Lovers, accommodation at AMBHC-Jubilee Hills center is being arranged for the 21st-Oct (Saturday).

Transportation to the sahavas venue will be provided on the 22nd-Oct morning. After the Sahavas, transportation to Railway station and Central Bus Depot will be arranged from the Manonash Cave. The following numbers to be contacted for requested for accommodation & transportation –

Volunteers will be needed to cover efforts across multiple departments including – preparing venue for the sahavas, transport, food arrangements, exhibition to grace the occasion, preparing for the cultural events etc.

All interested in part-taking in the sahavas preparations are requested to join the monthly sahavas at Manonash cave on 14-October-2017 (Sat, 8.30-10AM) without fail and stay tuned for the subsequent announcements.

🙏🏻Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!🙏🏻

For more details of the venue refer http://avatarmeher.org/manonash_index/

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