Absorption of a person in a subject concerning Baba facilitates Him to dislodge seats of low desires

Baba aboard a ship

On Thursday, 15 November 1934, Baba boarded the SS Tuscania in Bombay to set sail for Europe.

He was accompanied by Kaka, Chanji, Adi Sr. and Jalbhai. Rustom saw them off at the dock and Baba again said he would call Rustom to America later.

Baba and Kaka shared a cabin, while Adi, Jalbhai and Chanji occupied an adjoining one. Tipping the ship’s chef and their stewards ensured that Baba’s meals were delivered to his cabin. But during the voyage, Baba began regularly sending one of the mandali to the chef to demand various combinations of foods. At any excuse, Baba sent the mandali back to that particular man. After so many times, Baba’s incessant demands were quite embarrassing to the men.

Finally, after some time, Baba explained what he was doing with the chef:

“The absorption of a person in a subject concerning me enables me to link, as it were, his thoughts on me. An opportunity is thereby created to work spiritually — to dislodge seats of low desires in the mental body of the person, rendering them impotent without them being put into action through the physical body. The man is also being given the chance to serve me whether he knows me or not — an opportunity he will not get again in this life.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p1642
Oct, 1934; Meherabad

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