Baba’s method of pulling us out of maya


There should be no misunderstanding about the Avatar or the Sadgurus. They are like fire. If you touch fire, you will be burned. If you seek to use it from a distance, it will give you warmth, cook your food, warm your water and be useful to you in every way.

I repeat, the Avatar and Sadgurus are like fire. Those outside the circle should be wary of them. They should not be misled by their talks and outward behavior. Sai Baba was a Sadguru, but occasionally his behavior was strange. Once, on seeing a naked child, he inquired, “Is it a boy or a girl?” He also used to ask for money from those who came to him. Seeing such behavior on the part of Sadgurus, people doubt them, misunderstand them and take them for ordinary beings. This is the downfall of those who so misunderstand.

If I give a loose rein to someone and permit him to do whatever he likes, however improper or impractical it may appear from a worldly viewpoint, I do it with an object in view, with a farsightedness that is beyond the grasp of the mind. It may be that I wish that the person concerned should do it only as a pastime, or to avoid a particular situation. So, by leaving the rein loose to divert his mind to other things, I am just giving him a plaything, because I know that in the end, he will get tired of it and throw it away.

If the Avatar or a Sadguru wishes his disciples to renounce something, he resorts to one of two methods. One way is that he snatches the thing away from him or has it stolen. Another is that he gives it such an importance that the person himself becomes fed up and gives it up.

I have activated Maya’s machine for a definite purpose. I permit humanity to have a thousand and one experiences by passing through various acts. The masses will come out of it all in the end. When they are capable of perceiving it, they will find that all this was a part of a great play, which God, in His unbounded cleverness, had staged with the objective of extricating humanity from Maya, through Maya.

The generally accepted idea of renunciation or detachment is an illusory way of getting away from Maya, because you miss the main point by running away. The inner reaction to such renunciation is that the mind soon goes out of control, leaving the person concerned in a morass, which only creates more complications. To overcome these new complications is still more difficult. The real remedy lies in remaining in Maya, but not being of it.
–Lord Meher (First Ed), p2519
(, Revised 2014, p2080)

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