The New Life: Kumar – from Non-believer to Believer (Part -1 of 2)

Kumar holding umbrella

Kumar as a young man in the 1930s was an ardent revolutionary involved in fighting for Inches independence from the British Because of his terrorist activities, he was thrown in prison twice and suffered ill-treatment for over ten years. His second prison term was served during World War 11 at Bareilly […]

The New Life: Food prepared for a few serves all!

Kumar with Baba

Around 10:00 a.m. on January 12th, 1950, Baba and the companions arrived in Dehra Dun. As soon as they stepped off the train, Baba immediately sent the women to the ladies’ waiting room, where they began shutting the windows and doors to conserve heat. Outside, there was an icy […]

The New Life: The spontaneous generosity of this loving couple pleased Baba

[Stay in Najibabad] Two hours later, the sweet, elderly couple arrived with the meal still hot, and they were immediately taken by Adi to the Elder Brother.

Baba looked radiant, His long hair flowing, when Makhan Lal and his wife first saw Him. Makhan Lal immediately bowed at His feet, and Adi could see […]

The New Life: Extraordinary requests served without questions

On January 9th, during the companions’ stay in the mango orchard at Akbarabad, Baba sent Adi, Dr. Ghani and Babadas ahead to the city of Najibabad to find accommodations with three conditions. First, they were to find a place to stay for three days and, if possible, to arrange for hot baths for the […]

The New Life: Eruch receives abundant food in bhiksha from an old man

No obligation on either side in begging: “Baba’s name was not to be disclosed and begging was also to be done cheerfully and lovingly. The givers were not to be under the impression that they had conferred any obligation upon the companions, and the receiver was to accept the alms after carefully noting the […]

The New Life: Ghani carries out Baba’s humiliating order with his characteristic humor

One day, Dr. Ghani, being a Muslim who relished meat dishes, complained in his usual humorous way of the tiresome “grassitarian” diet. He asked, “In this vacuum period, why can’t we enjoy non-vegetarian dishes?”

Baba answered, “Today I permit you to visit any good hotel you like. You can satisfy your palate to your […]

The New Life: The tonga breaks down

That same morning of January 6th, the party resumed the journey [leaving Ratangarh], and after traveling five miles, the tonga drawn by the white horse broke down when Baidul tried to pass the other tonga while crossing a damaged bridge.

With great difficulty, he managed to cover the remaining distance of about a mile […]

The New Life: “Happy New Life”

Happy New Life: On Sunday, January 1, 1950, Baba wished all his companions a “Happy New Life!” Everyone was given a piece of Christmas cake, and at two o’clock that afternoon they left Moradabad, walking in procession. The cavalcade now consisted of a caravan, two tongas and one bullock cart. Pendu drove the caravan, […]

he New Life: Enjoyable suffering

Be unaffected by both honor and insult: A twelve-mile walk that morning brought them to Rehata (also called Jalalgant) about two o’clock in the afternoon, where they halted in a mango orchard. Kaka prepared food. Local villagers gathered, and some of the village women declared that they had come for the darshan of the […]

The New Life: Baba creates a situation as a lesson for the women

One day, as Mehera, Mani, Meheru and Goher were preoccupied with picking up sticks and twigs as they walked, a bullock cart came alongside them. Awestruck at the scene before him, the cartman asked where they were going. They replied that they were proceeding to Hardwar. Respectfully, the driver invited them to sit in […]