The New Life: The New Life: The fortunate poor woman

Meher Baba had spent twelve days in Sarnath. At seven o’clock on Monday morning 12 December 1949, Baba, leading the way, left Sarnath on foot with the four women and Eruch nearby. The whole caravan followed two hours later. The white horse — symbolizing purity and the sanctity of the Avatar’s advent — was […]

The New Life: Prayers in langoti at Sarnath

Entrance to the subterranean rooms where Baba and companions did prayers wearing langoti

On the harsh, cold morning of December 7, Baba walked back to the underground rooms in the subterranean passages of the Sarnath ruins with his men companions, each man clad only in langotis – loincloths. Almost completely naked, every man shivered […]

The New Life: ‘Sant Mali’ of Sarnath

Picture of the bungalow and surrounding garden where Baba stayed at Sarnath and where the gardener also lived (Photo – 2010)

[Baba started on foot for Sarnath [from Benares] with the men and women companions on Thursday, December 1, 1949. Sarnath is the most sacred place to Buddhists all over the world. Sarnath is […]

The New Life: Begging in Benares

[Conditions for begging in Benares laid down by Baba] From Benares onwards, the begging will be natural. For training purposes at Benares, we ought to have a method. This does not mean that such a method will be applicable out on the streets in all respects. So, for begging in Benares, the four prerequisites […]

The New Life: An example of service with humility

[Baba and the companions reached Benares on 15th November 1949 from Belgaum. Dr Khare and Dr Nath have arranged accommodation at a bungalow called Nati Imli and daily food was supplied to the group agreeing to all Baba’s conditions.]

Gaya Prasad [father of Dr Khare] had begun to supervise the preparation of […]

The New Life: How Babadas could contact Dr Khare and Dr Nath

As mentioned, Sadashiv and Babadas had sent a telegram from Benares that suitable bungalows had been rented there. But how this had been accomplished was through another of those “strange coincidences” which seemed to abound with Baba. Before leaving from Belgaum, Baba had advised Babadas to arrange for their food and stay “through […]

The New Life: Daulat Singh shares Baba’s New Life all alone (Part-2 of 2)

In 1949, Baba had sent Dr. Daulat Singh home to Bangalore from Belgaum with certain instructions. Accordingly, he was to live only on food obtained by begging for a fixed period. Daulat Singh was from a respectable family, and his relatives were disconcerted by the idea of someone like himself, an educated doctor, begging. […]

The New Life: Daulat Singh shares Baba’s New Life all alone (Part-1 of 2)

Soon afterwards, Daulat Singh asked Baba if he could take two month’s leave.

He wished to settle some family matters at Bangalore. Baba gave him a pitying look and replied, “You still aren’t familiar with the New Life conditions? I forgive you and give you until evening to reconsider.”

That evening, though still worried […]

“There is a spiritual force in my words which is of great help to the sincere aspirant”

When Don returned to America, he dug out Deshmukh’s five-volume edited version of Baba’s Discourses. He was struck by the tremendous meaning and pungency of virtually every sentence.

Now, back in India again, Don had been so impressed by what he had been reading in the Discourses that he brought up the subject with […]

Importance of steady mind and being one-pointed

On Wednesday, 18 December 1929, two Germans named Victor Stomps and Phillip Bobl came to Nasik for Baba’s darshan. They were interested in Buddhism and were traveling in India. The next day, Baba advised Victor, “Go to Italy; there you will find a Buddhist who is a devotee of mine. He is advanced […]