“You value your breakfast more than you value Me”

Another V.I.P*. had come with his family to see Baba from an out-station. He seemed to be very sincere and loving. Baba asked him to come the next day at 9 A.M. as there would be some musical program. The gentleman arrived a little after 10. After the usual prostrations, he sat down. A […]

Make a New year resolution to “Forgive and forget”

On Sunday morning, 1 January 1939, Jal Kerawalla made a joke at Pappa’s expense and Pappa became very upset. He drove straight to Baba’s bungalow and complained bitterly. Jal and Chanji followed him, and Baba sent for them and asked the reason for the uproar. Jal replied, “Forgive me, Baba, I was […]

“You should be ready to welcome Paramatma anytime”


Baba entered the Family Quarters and by gestures asked that Vishnu call Chhagan. Chhagan was in the toilet and after quickly washing his hands and pulling up his trousers he appeared. Baba asked what took him so long. Chhagan explained the cause of the delay and Baba began taunting him, “But why didn’t […]

Dislodging the seats of low desires

Baba aboard a ship

On Thursday, 15 November 1934, Baba boarded the SS Tuscania in Bombay to set sail for Europe.

He was accompanied by Kaka, Chanji, Adi Sr. and Jalbhai. But during the voyage, Baba began regularly sending one of the mandali to the chef to demand various combinations of foods. At any […]

“Think of me and don’t worry”

After the darshan, Baba visited the homes of Kutumb Sastri and Mallikarjuna Rao, and also the Andhra Meher Centre. Introducing a woman at his house, Sastri told Baba, “Her husband has left her; she is most unfortunate.”

To which Baba countered, “Why do you say most unfortunate? She sees God standing before her in […]

The New Life: Manonash concluding phase – Rites, rituals and ceremonies of all religions consumed in the flames

After walking ten miles from Imampur, Baba reached Meherazad in the afternoon of Friday, 23 November, 1951, with Eruch, Pendu, Baidul and Gustadji.

Besides repairing the cabins, Padri had erected a small shed for Eruch, Pendu, Baidul and Gustadji.

On 26 November, Baba conveyed to Mehera and Mani, “My 40-days’ work has been completely […]

The New Life: Manonash phase – The Imampur incident – Part 2 of 2

Inside the mosque – probably the room ventilator where the bird’s nest was located

Eruch quickly went back to the nest and was just about to reach for the birds when Baba again began clapping insistently. He stopped what he was doing and went back to Baba.

“Did you throw the bird out?” Baba […]

The New Life: Manonash phase – The Imampur incident – Part 1 of 2

About Manonash, Baba explained that the four months would be divided into four phases: the first, lasting 30 to 40 days, was to be spent on the hill at Khojaguda; the second, from 30 to 40 days, on a foot journey from Hyderabad to Aurangabad; the third phase at Khuldabad, contacting masts, and the […]

The New Life: God-Man’s love is great for those who really suffer

From Madras, Baba and the men entrained for Hyderabad, where they stayed for nine days. In an Idgah (Muslim place of worship), Baba sat in seclusion for half an hour one day. There, while the men stood guard, Baba again took off his clothes and sat naked, wearing only a loincloth. In this manner, […]

The New Life: “My merciful Krishna!” (Part 2 of 2)

The girl had been praying to Krishna. Eruch inquired of the girl about the man, and she quietly answered, “He is my father, but he is ill. My mother too is indisposed. Why have you come here?”

“I came to know about your father’s plight, and my elder brother has come to help him,” […]