The New Life: The immeasurable gift of Baba’s physical contact to the saints, sadhus and mahatmas

Accompanied by Aloba, Baidul, Eruch, Gustadji, Murli, Pendu, Keki Desai, Keki Nalavala, and the servant-boy Satyapal, Baba left Manjri Mafi for Motichur on Friday, 3 March 1950, at 1:30 in the afternoon. (, p2889)

At one o’clock in the afternoon of the 9th, Baba with Eruch, Pendu, Baidul and Gustadji, took a bus to […]

The New Life: The “vacuum” period

In a pleasant mood the next morning, Monday, 19 December 1949, Baba gave an explanation comparing the Old and the New Life:

We have left the Old Life, and there is no going back to it now. The Old Life is practically dead. I have heard it said that when a man dies, his […]

he New Life: Enjoyable suffering

Be unaffected by both honor and insult: A twelve-mile walk that morning brought them to Rehata (also called Jalalgant) about two o’clock in the afternoon, where they halted in a mango orchard. Kaka prepared food. Local villagers gathered, and some of the village women declared that they had come for the darshan of the […]

The New Life: An analogy of constructing a building for explaining the New Life

In the course of discussing the idea, Baba clarified the following points with an analogy of constructing a building:

The New Life — which may be said to have begun on October 16, 1949 — has three stages.

The first is from October 16 to December 31.

The second stage begins from January 1, […]

The New Life: “Absolute and perfect renunciation”

Hopelessness means renunciation of all hopes.

Aimlessness means renunciation of all aims.

Helplessness means renunciation of all help.

No Master, no disciple, means renunciation of spirituality. And the New Life I have in mind eventually means absolute renunciation.

Therefore, if anyone asks you what this New Life is, […]

The New Life: On the quality of readiness to carry out Baba’s orders instantaneously

Finding Baba in a conversational mood, Eruch, Adi, Nilu and Ghani induced him to explain more about the New Life, resulting in the following dialogue of questions and answers:

One of the men asked, “The will to do and fulfill the conditions wholeheartedly is with us all. No one can deny this, […]

The New Life: The song of the New Life

By late October 1949, Dr. Ghani had composed the New Life Song in Hindi, and after some corrections by Baba, Baba asked him to translate it into English. [Baba had 1000 copies printed with the original Hindi version and English translation printed on both sides for distribution among His lovers]

Often sung, the Song […]

The New Life: Belgaum – The Training period of physical labor

Carrying a basket of onions and tomatoes on his head on Sunday, October 23, Baba walked from the women’s residence to the men’s hut. The companions were overcome with emotion at seeing Baba do such menial work. He would also sweep the floors and clean pots, and it was quite an object lesson for […]

The New Life: Caring for the voice of the heart and be deaf to the promptings of the mind

It is not merely a question of hardships and difficulties like those encountered in mast trips. The most difficult thing now is the need to control emotions and feelings, and to have absolute readiness for split-second and on-the-spot obedience to whatever I will ask you to do, or not to do. I do not […]

The New Life: The need to control emotions and feelings

“The most important point to remember in all circumstances is to remain cheerful and happy. Spells of despondency, annoyance and disgust will assail you, but you should try not to show it on your face. Anger might come, but you should not express it.” (LM, p2585)

The most important thing that will carry you […]