Attitudes for aspirants: A desperate struggle

All life is an effort to achieve freedom from self-created entanglement. It is a desperate struggle to undo what had been done in ignorance; to throw away the accumulated burden of the past; to seek rescue from the debris piled high from temporary achievements and failures.

Life strives to unwind the limiting sanskaras and […]

Attitudes for aspirants: Transition from unintelligent action to intelligent action -Part 2 of 2

Inaction is less helpful than intelligent action, but it is better than unintelligent action, for it amounts to the non-doing of that which would have created a binding. The transition from unintelligent action to intelligent action (i.e. from binding karma to unbinding karma) is often through inaction.

This is the stage when unintelligent action […]

Attitudes for aspirants: Transition from unintelligent action to intelligent action – Part 1 of 2

All action, except that which is intelligently designed to attain God-realization, binds consciousness. It is not only an expression of accumulated ignorance, but also a further addition to that accumulated ignorance.

Sometimes the pilgrim becomes so weary of recognizing that each act, instead of unwinding a knot in the inner being, has only tightened […]

Attitudes for aspirants: Real learning

The man of the world believes that to have understood a thing intellectually is to have learned it. The true lesson in action, though, involves the wearing out of the sanskaras and the “wants” they engender.

To learn in this sense it is not enough to comprehend intellectually. Learning may be a lengthy process […]

Attitudes for aspirants: Not to worry about the final goal

Often the aspirant becomes discouraged when he begins to understand how very long and difficult the path is. But these are persons who are concentrating only on jumping to the final goal and have not yet been caught up in the absorbing challenges which call for the greatest ingenuity at every step of the […]

Attitudes for aspirants: Intellectual bigotry is the real slavery

Although the unconscious slavery of modern man to the industrial age is a serious matter, the emancipation of mankind from physical and economic slavery is a comparatively easy affair. The real slavery, because it is the most cruel and destructive of all, is the intellectual bigotry which claims to possess an exclusive […]

Attitudes for aspirants: Rituals and ceremonies become a sidetrack to the path

Often the aspirant is concerned in the early phases of his awakening by his attitude towards established religions and their rituals. All of these have a tendency to encourage the spirit of love and worship, and as such they help to a limited extent in wearing out the ego-shell in which human consciousness is […]

Attitudes for aspirants: To use intellect as a tool, not to be overcome by it

One of these points of confusion concerns his attitude towards intellectuality…

Intellect is reserved so to speak by nature for man. To have intellect one must be a human being. Regardless of how keen and quick that intellect may be, though, it will always remain just one of the stepping stones to wisdom, inspiration, […]

Attitudes for aspirants: An infusion of new meaning into the present and future

The entire spiritual process should never be regarded as one that can be described in intellectual terms, grasped by the mind and followed as a personal discipline. In many ways it constitutes the abandoning of all the previous means by which the individual had thought to achieve lasting peace. In other ways it is […]

A goal of paramount importance


All Baba asked from each was a happy face and work done cheerfully. To Baba, this cheerfulness was a goal most worth striving after, a goal of paramount importance. He emphasized once that no one must expect to get happiness from others, but be happy in himself.

-Kitty Davy [How a Master works, […]