Adversities provide an opportunity of acquiring forbearance and fortitude

Do not get disheartened or alarmed when adversity, calamity or misfortunes pour upon you. Thank God, for thereby He has given you the opportunity of acquiring forbearance and fortitude. One who has acquired the power of bearing with adversity can easily enter upon the spiritual path., p1840 May, 1937; Nasik


Be pleased with him who backbites you

Do not get angry, but be pleased with him who backbites you, for he thereby renders service to you by diminishing the load of your sanskaras. Also, pity him for thereby he makes his load of sanskaras more burdensome., p1840 May, 1937; Nasik

Criticism indicates false sense of superiority

Do not criticize. The habit of criticizing our fellow beings is a bad one. At the back of it often lies self-righteousness, conceit and a false sense of superiority. Sometimes it indicates envy or a desire for retaliation., p1840 May, 1937; Nasik

Divine forgiveness burns sanskaras away in no time

Matra Dutta Shastri also could not sleep. He recited a Sanskrit shloka praising the advent of the Avatar Krishna, and then in a paroxysm of weeping sought Baba’s forgiveness for his sins. Baba called him and held him in a loving embrace.

As Baba was consoling him, someone remarked about Matra Shastri, “He was […]

“Submit yourself at all times to the will of God”

Malcolm with Baba

During Baba’s absence, Malcolm and Jean had passed through difficult times and endured financial hardships.

Jean asked Baba whether these times were meant to test their resilience and develop their capacity to endure suffering for his sake.

“Yes,” Baba replied, “you must be able to face disappointment, criticism and negative […]

Baba’s presence is hidden in every heart like fragrance in a rose

That afternoon, Bhagirath and his wife Kokila visited Baba when he was with the mandali in the Ice Factory Bungalow. As mentioned they were living in the same building, and Baba remarked to Kokila, “I am everywhere!”

“But how can we know it?” she asked.

Handing her a fresh rose, Baba stated, “Can you […]

“He who gives up habits attains God”

[This message given to Sir and Lady Hyderi whose son was a drunkard and spendthrift and by Baba’s nazar he was set right. When they found their son’s welcome change of mind, their joy knew no bounds and they were deeply grateful to Baba.]

What kind of nature the mind has that it […]

“Anything that forms itself into a habit loses its freshness, sincerity and enthusiasm”

Later that day, Baba commented about habits:

Anything that forms itself into a habit loses its freshness, sincerity and enthusiasm – even repentance. If you every day become weak and repent for having been weak, in the end you find your only weakness has been repenting. Only love remains ever-fresh.

The habit of questioning […]

Loving Beloved Baba

This special message was sent for Naosherwan Nalavala’s periodical the Glow (dictated on 19 December 1966):

It is easy to love me because I am Love. But it is difficult to love me with that love by which I am attained., p5263 Feb, 1967; Meherazad


Those whom I find worthy to them I shall offer the elixir of life

On January 11th, while Baba was discoursing to the boys and mandali who were seated on the platform outside his cabin, he disclosed:

“Those whom I find worthy I shall attract to the mistress of love, and to them I shall offer the elixir of life. Children, only Truth is real – all else […]