Dress your soul only once in a day with thoughts of Baba


Keshav Nigam began the introductions. He first introduced the boy Singh, who had accompanied Baba to Andhra and subsequently had run away from his home to join Baba in Dehra Dun. Baba asked Keshav if Singh was behaving normally now. He replied that there was still something lacking.

Baba asked Singh, “Do you know what real love is like?” and then explained, “The flame of love within does not even give out smoke for others to see. When you love me, you burn within yourself, and yet seem cheerful with a broad smile upon your lips. You bear the pangs of separation calmly and quietly. Even a sigh of the pangs of separation is an insult to that love!

Attend to all your duties; you can still love Baba by dedicating all your good and bad to me. Just as you cover your body with clothes and forget all about the dress you wear all day, similarly dress your soul only once in a day with thoughts of Baba, and Baba will then be all the time with you, even without your paying any further attention.

The youth did as Baba instructed.


Date and Place: September, 1954 (“The Three Incredible Weeks”), Meherabad

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4528

www.lordmeher.org (Revised 2014), p3625

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