Our Ills and Our Remedies (Part 2 of 2) – “Be disciples of this Life Divine”


True understanding about man’s place in God’s Life Universal will enable man to avoid much suffering – physical and mental – sometimes invited by himself through wrong action, and often created by himself through vitiated imagination.

All joy, howsoever alluring, will fade away, unless it springs from life in the Truth Everlasting.

All suffering will only harden or embitter the heart unless it is accepted with grace and resignation and utilized as an awakener to real values. Suffering will haunt us again and again in numberless ways, unless we give up the illusion of separateness arising out of false identification with the body or the ego-mind.

And true joy will evade us again and again, unless we get firmly established in the imperishable sweetness (ananda) of Life Eternal, which admits no divisions and accepts no limitations.

Be disciples of this Life Divine which vibrates eternally in one and all!, p3203
Nov, 1952; Rath (Hamirpur District)

Our Ills and Our Remedies (Part 1 of 2)- Spiritual understanding

In the world of quiet speculation, as well as in the world of surging political activity, or individual striving, men are desperately trying to remedy the many ills to which humanity is heir. All our creeds and faiths, all our parties and “isms” are so many practical solutions offered toward this purpose. But, though good in their intention and starting point, they often create confusion and chaos instead of solutions, because they lose sight of the inescapable truth that all external organization is doomed to failure unless it is implemented by inner spiritual transformation of the individual. I am, therefore, not concerned with parties, creeds and “isms,” but only with those fundamental values which must be wholeheartedly and universally accepted, if humanity is to be truly saved.

I am equally concerned with the saint and the sinner, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, the ignorant and the wise, the East and the West. For them all, the one remedy of remedies which is recommended is spiritual understanding, which at once includes and supersedes all other forms of knowledge. It inevitably precipitates the blending of theory and practice, for it is as much of the heart as of the mind. When understanding is our law, we have love which is imperishable, and action which is dynamically creative – love without entanglement, and action without attachment to results., p3203
Nov, 1952; Rath (Hamirpur District)

“Do not leave room for the mind to play its tricks”

Neurgaonkar informed Baba about his resolve to observe silence for several days. He asked Baba whether, during that period, he could make exceptions by speaking only about God. Baba did not approve of this and stated:

Silence means silence. If you want to observe it, observe it thoroughly. Do not leave room for the mind to play its tricks. Mind always creates obstacles in your one-pointed resolve. Its ways are very elusive. In the beginning, you will speak about God or spirituality, but in the guise of this desire, mind will soon make you feel fed up with your silence. Then, indirectly, you will go on expecting others to come to you and converse with you about God. It is not impossible for the tricky nature of the mind to induce you into creating such situations.

While observing silence, let the mind remain silent. It is this silence for which the outward silence is to be helpful. We see many dumb children, but of what avail is their silence? Put your heart and soul in your anticipated meditation and observance of silence and I am there – there in you – to help., p4651
Apr, 1960; Guruprasad

Adversities provide an opportunity of acquiring forbearance and fortitude

Do not get disheartened or alarmed when adversity, calamity or misfortunes pour upon you. Thank God, for thereby He has given you the opportunity of acquiring forbearance and fortitude. One who has acquired the power of bearing with adversity can easily enter upon the spiritual path., p1840
May, 1937; Nasik

Be pleased with him who backbites you

Do not get angry, but be pleased with him who backbites you, for he thereby renders service to you by diminishing the load of your sanskaras. Also, pity him for thereby he makes his load of sanskaras more burdensome., p1840
May, 1937; Nasik

Criticism indicates false sense of superiority

Do not criticize. The habit of criticizing our fellow beings is a bad one. At the back of it often lies self-righteousness, conceit and a false sense of superiority. Sometimes it indicates envy or a desire for retaliation., p1840
May, 1937; Nasik

Divine forgiveness burns sanskaras away in no time

Matra Dutta Shastri also could not sleep. He recited a Sanskrit shloka praising the advent of the Avatar Krishna, and then in a paroxysm of weeping sought Baba’s forgiveness for his sins. Baba called him and held him in a loving embrace.

As Baba was consoling him, someone remarked about Matra Shastri, “He was feeling something within which made him restless, and so he couldn’t sleep.”

Baba thereupon explained to Matra Shastri:

… When I tell you I forgive you, what happens? Then your bindings in duality become loose, and it does not take time to forgive.

Suppose there is a stack of hay. A single lighted match can set it aflame in no time at all. What is this pile? Mere scraps of straw – sanskaras! So for me, whatever your accumulated dirt and refuse of sins, it takes me no time to burn them. Divine forgiveness burns them away in no time.

So, I forgive you, Shastri. Don’t worry about thoughts. Always take my name. Let any thought come; don’t worry, but continue repeating my name.

I have explained this to the mandali two or three times before; I tell it to you today. It is a good example. When mosquitoes bite you, you come down with malaria. As a preventative, you use a mosquito net. Despite it, the mosquitoes buzz outside and are ready to bite you. But, the mosquito net saves you from being bitten, and consequently, you do not suffer from malaria. Now, mosquitoes are your thoughts, and the mosquito net, either old or new, good or bad, is my name, contact and company. When you are within the mosquito net – Meher Baba’s name – even hoards of mosquitoes buzzing outside – that is, your thoughts, good or bad – will not touch you and you will be saved from malaria – bindings. So always think of Baba’s name, and whatever thoughts you might have, don’t worry about them., p3833
Nov, 1955; Meherabad


“Although it takes a lot of time to build a big stack of hay, a single lighted match can burn all of it in no time at all. Similarly, regardless of the accumulated dirt and refuse of sins, divine forgiveness burns them away in no time.”
(Listen Humanity, p68)

“Submit yourself at all times to the will of God”

Malcolm with Baba

During Baba’s absence, Malcolm and Jean had passed through difficult times and endured financial hardships.

Jean asked Baba whether these times were meant to test their resilience and develop their capacity to endure suffering for his sake.

“Yes,” Baba replied, “you must be able to face disappointment, criticism and negative forces with perfect calm and inner poise. And you must submit yourself at all times to the will of God.”, p1657
Jan, 1935; Meherabad

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Baba’s presence is hidden in every heart like fragrance in a rose

That afternoon, Bhagirath and his wife Kokila visited Baba when he was with the mandali in the Ice Factory Bungalow. As mentioned they were living in the same building, and Baba remarked to Kokila, “I am everywhere!”

“But how can we know it?” she asked.

Handing her a fresh rose, Baba stated, “Can you see its fragrance?” Kokila replied she could not see it.

“But it does have a fragrance, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, certainly.”

Baba explained, “As the fragrance is hidden in the rose, in the same way my presence is hidden in every heart — unseen and imperceptible.”, p2662
Jul, 1948; Meherabad


“He who gives up habits attains God”

[This message given to Sir and Lady Hyderi whose son was a drunkard and spendthrift and by Baba’s nazar he was set right. When they found their son’s welcome change of mind, their joy knew no bounds and they were deeply grateful to Baba.]

What kind of nature the mind has that it becomes a slave of desires and continues to do so, turning the desires into habits! It is next to impossible for a person to extricate himself from a set pattern of habits. If he is freed, he is saved. He who gives up habits attains God. But habits are a great harassment on the Path. They bring even a good soul to ruin.

[Citing Pleader as an example, Baba continued.] A man once came to me with a prayer to show him the spiritual path. I told him if he followed what I said, he would surely find it and he agreed. I instructed him to lock himself up in a room, keep silence, not read or write, and remain on milk only. For the last four years, he has been doing it and he is radiantly happy. This is called naad [divine infatuation] and this type of naad makes one realize God.

There once was a man who had the bad habit of smoking cigarettes. He could not give up smoking, and he came to me for help. Since he has been with me, he has not smoked even once in the past five years! In short, a bad habit ruins a man. It makes the mind, body and soul miserable and makes all those around you unhappy, too.

Real life consists of making others happy. So try to make people around you happy. Do not be afraid. All will be well. Do not worry. My nazar is on you.

–, p1551
October, 1933; Aboard the ship Victoria