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    “When my silence is broken and I utter the Word, infinite wisdom will be released”

    On a previous occasion a month before (on 4 April), Baba had commented about Jesus to the mandali:

    Jesus sometimes used to tell his disciples things which they could not understand at all. But despite all that, they stuck to him wholeheartedly and followed him till the very end, because they understood this much, that the working of the God-Man was a subject far beyond human understanding.

    It is the same with me. Sometimes, I say things which you are at a total loss to understand. This is the last cycle of cycles, so I observe silence that it may bear fruit. I will speak only one Word. Innumerable such cycles have gone by, and innumerable are the times I have descended. It is not for the first time that I am observing silence. Such observance, and the subsequent breaking of the silence, is an occurrence in eternity from time to time.

    When an atom is split, a great amount of energy is released. Similarly, when my silence is broken and I utter the Word, infinite wisdom will be released. When an atom bomb strikes the earth, great upheaval takes place in the form of vast devastation.

    Similarly, when that Word will strike the universe, great upheaval will occur in the form of material destruction; but, above all, there will also occur a tremendous spiritual upliftment., p4677
    May, 1960; Guruprasad

    “To follow me is to obey me”

    When one man taking darshan expressed his desire to follow Baba, in response Baba explained:

    You want to follow me? Do you know what it means? It means to leave all and follow me. And do you know what it is to leave all? It is to leave everything, even your self, behind you. Mind, you have to follow me and not run ahead of me. This is so very simple, yet so very difficult.

    If you walk ahead of me, taking your will as supreme, you become your own obstruction in my way to lead you. Again, you do not know the ditches and the pitfalls on the Way, so I have to keep a constant watch on you to save you, or else you fall. What this amounts to is that instead of you following me, I have to follow you!

    I am not limited by form. I am within everyone and within you as the Real Guide. Following me does not mean that you have to leave everything and stay near me. It does not mean you are to leave your worldly duties and responsibilities and become burdensome to me. It does not mean you are to use me as a board on which to dump your worries, nor that you are to expect me to fulfill your wants. It means that you are to be completely resigned to my will, and abide in a spirit of total surrender.

    To follow me is to obey me, to do as I want. When my will becomes your Way, you are then truly following me. Then you are saved; then you are safe. I know the Way and its labyrinths, for I am the Way. I am the Goal., p4484
    Jan, 1959;Guruprasad

    “The virtues of a man are nullified by a streak of pride”

    It is best if there is a balance between the head and the heart, but to combine them and keep them balanced is almost impossible. Even in small, petty matters, the intellect rules the heart and spoils its mood.

    Even as a little salt spoils an entire pail of fresh milk, so also the virtues of a man are nullified by a streak of pride in his character., p944
    June, 1928; Toka

    Attitudes for aspirants – Faith: Transition from faith to conviction

    Eventually, faith must give way to conviction, for after all, faith is only faith. There are two kinds of experience—external and internal. External experience can result through the gross media. What we actually see of the gross world with our gross eyes gives us conviction of a sort, but there are occasions when even this conviction is based on incorrect analysis.

    Thus, if we see a man drinking milk from a bottle under a toddy tree, we assume unconsciously that he is drinking toddy, which is incorrect. What is seen with the inner eye gives absolute conviction and can never be false. Such is the case, for example, when one sees with the inner eye that God is the Infinite Existence.

    Therefore what is really needed to give eternal conviction is not mere theorizing or reasoning, or even faith, but actual (inner) experience.

    Once God has been realized, there is no question of faith or even of conviction, just as there is no question of man’s needing faith to believe that he is a man. Having transcended the boundaries of faith, one finds oneself identified with the infinite and the one Self manifested everywhere.

    -Listen Humanity, p185

    Attitudes for aspirants – Faith: In wholehearted faith relief will be found

    One of the greatest things to possess is faith, which ultimately leads to conviction; and from conviction one day arises realization. There are no two kinds of faith. Faith is the last thing to be labeled. The only question is whether one has strong faith or weak faith.

    Some manifest faith only to the point of acknowledging forms and ceremonies, while some go beyond this to seek the kernel and eschew the hull, believing either in the impersonal infinite existence or in the personal infinite existence of one’s own master.

    Thus it is only a question of degree of faith. In wholehearted faith, relief will be found from the many sufferings which afflict man. We are already in possession of infinite power and happiness, but it is our way of life which prevents us from enjoying these eternal treasures of God. Faith can provide a key to attain them.

    Eventually, faith must give way to conviction, for after all, faith is only faith.

    -Listen Humanity, p185

    Attitudes for aspirants: Be resigned to His will

    Above all else, be content with your lot, rich or poor, happy or miserable. Understand that God has designed it for your own good, and be resigned to His will. Remember the present in the frame of the past and the future.

    You eternally were and always will be. You have had innumerable forms as man and woman, beautiful and ugly, strong and weak, healthy and sickly, powerful and helpless, and now you are here again in another form.

    Until you gain spiritual freedom you will be invested with many such forms, so why seek temporary relief now which would only result in further bindings later? Do not ask God for money, fame, power, health, or children, but seek His grace and it will lead you to eternal bliss.

    -Listen Humanity, p184

    Attitudes for aspirants: Be natural

    Simplicity and all it implies is another great aid in the development of human love. Simplicity springs from humility, and humility is often confused with modesty. Modesty is weakness, but humility is strength. Therefore a world of difference separates the two. The moment you say, “I say in all humility—” the very use of the expression betrays your ego. Even though you believe that you are being humble, you are expressing your egotism.

    The difficulty is not resolved even if you try with true honesty to express true humility. Inevitably, obstacles arise, such as the thought of what others may think of your expression of humility. No sooner is humility given expression than it is no longer humility. It is nonsense to give deliberate expression to humility. A life of humility is lived spontaneously, and should not give rise to thoughts of either humility or modesty.

    As an example, suppose you start to clean a latrine, but you cannot help noting the smell. A janitor that has cleaned them all his life remains unaffected. The person who parades humility is like the one who notes the smell while cleaning a latrine. The person who lives the life of humility is like the sweeper who is immune to the odor and completely unworried about what others think of him. He actually lives the life of a janitor.

    To have to try to be humble is also nonsense. You must be so natural that your life becomes humility personified, which means all strength freed from all weakness.

    So, whatever you are, express it unmindful of public opinion and the reaction of others. Be natural. If you are dishonest, do not try to hide yourself behind the curtain of honesty. This does not mean though that you should be dishonest.

    -Listen Humanity, p183

    Attitudes for aspirants: Honesty – Relief from all kinds of suffering is within ourselves

    Honesty is not only a light on the inner path, it is also one of the most effective means for relief of the suffering which afflicts all—man or woman, rich or poor, great or small. Relief from all kinds of suffering is within ourselves if, in all circumstances and in every walk of life, we try to think honestly, act honestly, and live honestly.

    Infinite honesty is one of the aspects of God, and therefore the least hypocrisy in ourselves keeps us aloof from God.

    – Listen Humanity, p183

    Attitudes for aspirants: Honesty – The ready means to know the first outlines of the inner self

    There is no more ready means by which the first outlines of the inner self can be known than through complete honesty. Honesty with one’s fellow beings is the beginning step; from this there cannot help but come honesty with oneself.

    It is heartening to find that even the worst of one’s nature is not frightening, and that the very fact of having faced the worst in oneself gives the courage to look at the challenges of life and the path. Having achieved honesty and found courage, the sustaining self begins to reveal itself.

    To be honest is certainly not easy, for never has dishonesty and hypocrisy been so rampant in the world as today. If the least hypocrisy creeps into one’s thoughts, words, or deeds, God, who is the innermost Self in us all, keeps Himself hidden.

    Hypocrisy is a million-headed cobra. Today there are so-called saints in the world who tell people to be honest and not hypocritical, yet they themselves are deeply involved in dishonesty. If you cannot love God and lead saintly lives, then at least do not make a pretense of it. The worst scoundrel is better than a hypocritical saint.

    -Listen Humanity, p184

    Attitudes for aspirants: The most practical thing is to be spiritually-minded

    The most practical thing to do in the world is to be spiritually-minded. It needs no special time, place or circumstances. It is not necessarily concerned with anything out of the way of anyone’s daily life and day-to-day routine. It is never too late or too early to be spiritual. It is just a simple question of having a right attitude of mind toward lasting values, changing circumstances, avoidable eventualities and a sense of the inevitable.

    Spirituality is neither restricted to, nor can it be restricted by, anyone or anything anywhere at any time. It covers all life for all time, yet it can very easily be achieved with selfless service and pure love that know no bondage and seek no boundaries.
    -Listen Humanity, p182

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