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    The greatest Law of God is Love

    Of all the forces that can best overcome all difficulties, the greatest is the force of love, because the greatest Law of God is Love, which holds the key to all problems. This mighty force not only enables one to put the ideal of selfless service into practice, but also transforms one into God. It has been possible through love for man to become God; and when God becomes man, it is also due to His Love for His beings.

    Love is dynamic in action and contagious in effect. Pure love is matchless in majesty; it has no parallel in power and there is no darkness it cannot dispel. It is the undying flame that has set life aglow. The lasting emancipation of man depends upon his love for God and upon God’s love for one and all.

    Where there is love, there is Oneness and, in complete Oneness, the Infinite is realized completely at all times and in every sphere of life, be it science, art, religion, or beauty.

    -Path of Love, p67


    “Unless you love me, you can never find me”

    Love is meant to be experienced and not disclosed. What is displayed is not love. Love is a secret which is meant to remain a secret save for the one who receives it and keeps it.

    To love Baba in hopes of achieving health, wealth, betterment of family and friends, etc., is to love all these and not Baba.

    … Love God and become God. I have come to receive your love and to give you mine, as I have already said. If you love me you will find me. Unless you love me, you can never find me. Do not think that you can never love me or that you can find no time to love me. I often say that I want your love. I mean it, because that is all that I want from you. Therefore I always tell you to love me more and more.

    -Sahavas In The Company Of God, p18

    No compromise in loving God


    Margaret Scott had not seen Baba since 1935. “I am sorry I caused you suffering, Baba, for I know you have suffered for me,” she said.

    “But your love has compensated for all the suffering,” Baba assured her. “I know deep down you do love me. Baba loves you, too.”

    Margaret said, “Sometimes I am very naughty just because I do not understand. I think I understand now.”

    “The most important thing to understand is that we must be honest to God, Baba, ourselves and to humanity. Honest in the sense that in loving God there has to be no compromise. Have you anything to ask?”

    “I just do not know. I feel so peaceful.”

    “There is no need to ask. And be sure of my love to help you. No need to ask, but Baba will help you through his love. Love God and Baba, and leave the rest to Divine Will.”

    –, p3800


    Significance of prasad

    Afterwards Baba walked slowly out of the house, assisted by Adi and Eruch. He stopped near a magnolia tree in the shade and an upholstered chair was brought for him. He began throwing pieces of candy to the men, looking in one direction and throwing in another.

    Baba remarked, “This is not a game. It is a link between myself and each lover for the future.” After everyone had caught his prasad, the group gathered in front of Baba, and he began to explain the significance of prasad: It is the gift of God to man. If you eat it with the feeling that it is that, you benefit, but if you eat it as mere candy, it has no meaning. Don’t give the candy to someone else. Eat it immediately.

    Afterward, he revealed:

    Krishna was the first Avatar to institute the custom of prasad. Once he was in the company of four companions or lovers, and a rishi [sage] who lived in the mountain wildernesses came for Krishna’s prasad. He had been so long in meditation that his eyelashes grew downwards, and ants had made their home on his body. Krishna replied that prasad was for his lovers and no one else. It consisted of laddoos or Indian sweet balls. At last the rishi, who was very intelligent, begged Krishna’s favorite disciple Pendya, who was a cripple, to ask Krishna for him. This Krishna permitted because he was the slave of his lovers, and as a result the rishi gained illumination – not Realization., p4409
    May, 1958; Myrtle Beach

    What matters is your heart

    The prayer that God hears is the prayer of the heart, that raising of the heart, that suffering of the heart — that is what God pays attention to. And so it does not matter, and certainly it is foolish to rely upon the usual religious practices and ritual. What matters is your heart, the prayer that arises from your heart. That is the prayer that Baba hears, that God hears., p3980
    July 1956; London

    “Once you come to know that this body is not you, then that veil of ignorance is lifted”

    After one woman sang a song, Baba dictated:

    One who hears the music of God in his heart – such wonderful music, for it is the Original Music – loses his bodily consciousness and sees God everywhere.

    God is within everyone. He is in all of us, Infinite, All-powerful. The helplessness that you now feel here is because you are now in the body, and it is all illusion, although God is so omnipotent. Why is that? It is illusion. It is the veil between you and God.

    The veil of what? That veil is the veil of ignorance. Once you come to know that the body is not real and this body is not you, then that veil of ignorance is lifted. When you are indeed asleep, the body is there, although you are not. The body breathes, and yet you are not aware of its breathing when you are asleep; then you may dream you eat; or in the dream you go to the movies. It is not the body that dreams; it must be YOU.

    Suppose this body has its legs cut off; you are in no way less conscious, nor do you feel that there is any curtailment in your own existence. You are still you and your consciousness is not curtailed. Mind understands, yet the veil of illusion is not lifted because of the veil of ignorance which you still have.

    Once you see God within you, you get the conviction. There is no more doubt. Then there is the experience of infinite bliss.

    I give my blessings to you all., p3978
    July 1956; London

    “I feel shy of strangers!”

    And who are the strangers? Wants, desires, thoughts!

    They are all so compressed within you that they leave no room for God the Beloved, whom you would invite in.

    As the strangers begin to leave the heart, it becomes cleaner and purer. Then God peeks into it, and His all-loving glance wipes out all worries. And the glimpse of God that one experiences leaves no scope for any doubts about His sweet will that manifests through “good” and “bad” times., p4671
    May, 1960; Guruprasad

    “Purity, impurity all disappear when love is one hundred percent”


    Adele wolkin with Baba, Meherazad

    Adele [Wolkin] met Baba at 10 A.M. that morning. To her Baba stated:

    Do not worry about any weaknesses which sometimes overpower you. Your love for me is so great it will wipe out your weaknesses. When the heart and mind are purified, one can see God. We can see him through purity, but above purity is love, which consumes all weaknesses.

    So, if you love Baba as your Master, as your father, as your brother, don’t worry about anything else. Purity, impurity all disappear when love is one hundred percent there. So, don’t worry. Baba knows you and loves you, and in spite of everything, Baba will never leave you. Remember., p3058
    May, 1952; Myrtle Beach

    Moods feed the ego-life


    Baba, while tolerant of our various moods, understanding their causes (frustration, jealousy, inferiority complexes) as a result of sanskaras left over from past lives, disliked them intensely.

    Said Baba, “All such moods feed the ego-life.” In a letter to Delia, He remarked, “And how can you help in this game of Mine? By love and service. By control of your mind and moods, and yes, weaknesses which are there for the purpose of exercising control over them. Often the greater one loves, the greater is the tendency to moods, because the pangs of separation are more acute. But I do not like moods and therefore, to please Me, which is one of the best ways of showing your love for Me, try your best to overcome them…. A joyful heart will help you most to get strong.”

    -Love alone Prevails, p. 241, Kitty Davy


    To lose one’s life is to die by inches

    Baba with Keshav Mast

    In pursuance of name and fame, and goaded by the applause of the expectant multitude, people have given their lives for a great cause, for their honor, their religion, their country. Even cowards have given up their lives under a sudden impulse, or on an uncontrollable provocation. Such a death is a matter of a few seconds.

    But to lose one’s life is to die by inches. Every second, one suffers the poignant pain of ego elimination, culminating in utter resignation to the Divine Will. This dying can only be the lot of heroes, and they are very few indeed. Keshav mast is one such hero., p2726
    Jul, 1949; Poona


    “Ask God not for money, fame, power, health or children, but seek His grace of love which would lead you to eternal bliss.”
    (, p3457)