Deceivers are our friends

THAT DAY, Harish Chander Kochar came before Baba for darshan. Daily, he would sit outside in front of Baba’s bungalow and consequently his mental and financial condition deteriorated. Baba stated, “Whatever you have to say, tell me in five minutes; and whatever you say, speak honestly.”

“Free me of my mental anxieties,” Kochar requested, “and permit me to stay with you, as the world is a fraud and I do not wish to live in it. People ridicule me for my simplicity and I will die one day because of it. Permit me to be present here daily when you are discoursing to the mandali.”

Baba replied, “Those invited to the discourses will be stopped from coming from tomorrow. My lovers who were coming for work will also be prevented from coming.”

Referring to those persons who would jeer and mock Kochar, Baba added: “You do not know about God and the path. If people act dishonestly with us, if people create difficulties for us, if people deceive us, and yet we remain honest, we are very fortunate, because these deceivers, our so-called enemies, are our friends. They wash off our weaknesses, our sins, and make our path clear toward God. They do not deceive us, but they help us and deceive themselves.”

Baba then gave Kochar these instructions:

“First: Remain honest at all costs and under any circumstance.

“Second: In business disputes, take all necessary legal steps as advised and try your best, but not with a feeling of bitterness. I will help you internally.

“Third: Love me more and more.”

Kochar prayed to Baba to give him strength to follow these orders, and Baba remarked, “Whenever I give instructions to anyone, I also at the same time give him the strength to carry them out.”,p4101

New fresh life born in His love

That brings me to another instance, a beautiful story I recollect” It happened in Europe, during Baba’s first visit there.

Baba was seated in a small room, and those who had come to see him for the first time, attracted to him by those who had already met him, would be with him for a few minutes in that room. In the small crowd one day, of those who had come, there was a young Russian woman. She was very beautiful, very healthy and well-off, and there seemed nothing wrong. But when she was brought inside the room and she looked at Baba, she fell down on her knees and with her head on Baba’s knees, started sobbing. And she wept and wept and wept. So Baba, the great comforter, sat there and comforted her. She went on weeping until about fifteen minutes had passed, and then she calmed down. Baba’s clothes were wet with her tears.

Baba lifted her head, looked at her and said ‘You are so beautiful, so young, so healthy, why are you so miserable?’

‘I know I am beautiful, I know I am healthy I know I am young and to top it all, I am very wealthy. And yet I feel that I am the most miserable person on earth, unworthy to live. I want to commit suicide.’

Baba said, ‘Very good. You must commit suicide. Commit suicide at this instant in my presence.’

And Baba put her head down on his feet saying, ‘There you are, you are dead!’ After a while he lifted her up, ‘Now live again. Live a new life now. Completely forget the past and leave it aside, it has nothing to do with you. You are dead.’ And this is a new, fresh life. Committing physical suicide will not release you from your miseries:  you carry the mind, all your mental impressions with you.

Only this will release you: your firm determination to have died to your past, and to begin now to live a new life. Stand up again renewed and refreshed with all the strength of a new life born in my love.’

– “Not we but one”, p134, Eruch Jassawala

To develop love

To develop love, you have to do it practically; that is, you have to experience it in everyday life. 
You must lessen your desires and make others happy by thinking less of your own happiness. 
This can be done. By desire, I mean selfish desires. 
It is all very practical and very simple; but people always make it complicated.”

“To obey me is the greatest knowledge”

Earlier in the day, Deshmukh had requested, “Grant me divine knowledge, Baba!”

Baba replied, “I will!”

While they were eating dinner, Baba served Deshmukh and Naoroji a piece of fish, although both were strict vegetarians. Taking it as Baba’s prasad, however, they did full justice to it. Afterwards, Baba prohibited them from touching non-vegetarian food in the future, and said to Deshmukh, “To obey me is the greatest knowledge, and I am pleased with you.”, p4901

“Keep your mind always toward the goal.”

Miss Carena Shields met Baba the same day. She was an intelligent, bold young archaeologist who had spent time with native tribes in southern Mexico who practiced mystical, occult traditions. Like Hurlbut, she too felt conflicted.

Baba reiterated:

In the West too are sincere souls who seek the Truth. There is an awakening even in the West toward a life behind all this [gross world]. But it is difficult to reconcile the two — material and spiritual living. I know how you feel, and tell you that you shouldn’t feel disappointed with this situation or conflict, as you say.

“You must always remember that in spirituality, it is not the intellect and external life that matters, but it is the feelings and inner experiences that count.

You can live in the world, do all your duties, and yet be spiritual. You should not run away from the world, nor shirk your duties towards your own and others.

Live in the world doing all your legitimate duties, but keep your mind always toward the goal. Have a longing for inner life and experiences, and it will surely come to you gradually., p1663
Jan, 1935; United States

“One must try to remain happy always”

Robert Antoni was feeling disheartened in his job, working with juvenile delinquents. Baba told him:

“You should not be brought down by them, but on the contrary you should uplift them and look for God in their hearts.
As long as the heart speaks, language does not matter. God is in all. He is everywhere. He needs no words or language. He does not listen to the prayers from our mouths but from our hearts. Remain happy always, even in adverse circumstances.
If there were no turmoil, you could not test your ability to remain calm. One must try to remain happy always. One must try to make others happy.” , p3974
July, 1956; London


The give-and-take of sanskaras depends on the attitude of the mind

The give-and-take of sanskaras depends on the attitude of the mind, i.e. if you do a certain action with good intentions, you catch good sansakaras, and if with bad intentions, bad sanskaras … When you go on a hunt, you kill an animal for the sake of sport and enjoyment. You therefore take its bad sanskaras. But suppose you are going through a forest and a wild animal attacks you. In order to defend yourself, you kill it. In that case, you do not catch any sanskaras., p980
Oct, 1928; Meherabad



Their questions had been answered

During a tour that Meher Baba took through Andhra Pradesh, thousands of people came for His darshan. Most of them had come just to be in His presence and to enjoy His company, but several had questions to ask.

When any of the latter presented a question, Baba would ask that it be written down together with the name and address of the questioner and promised that at the end of the tour He would send each person a reply. All slips were to be given to Pukar, a lover from Hamirpur, who was one of our travelling companions, and in a short time Pukar had collected hundreds of slips.

A few days after His return to Meherazad, Baba called Pukar and asked for the slips of paper. Pukar however replied, “Baba, many people wrote out questions for You, but some returned after a few hours and others after a few days and requested me to return their slips. They all said that their questions had been answered. I had hundreds of slips to start with, but now I do not have a single slip!”

On hearing this, Baba put on a mischievous expression of ignorance and said, “Is that so? I am happy!”

Such are the unfathomable ways of the Ancient One.

-The Ancient One, p105

Playing With Illusions : Be guided by Love and Truth!

It is not miracles but understanding which can bring you true freedom. If you have firm faith and unfaltering love for the God-Man, your way to the Abiding Truth is clear and safe. Then you have no time to waste in playing with things that do not matter.

Be guided by Love and Truth! This is the simple way that leads to God. Not by endless maneuvering of alluring illusions but by loyalty to the Unchangeable Truth can you hope to be established in Abiding Peace., p3413
Nov, 1953; Dehra Dun

Playing With Illusions : Caught up in the ephemeral things of this world

Suffering comes through ignorance or attachment to illusions. Most people play with illusions like children play with toys. If you get caught up in the ephemeral things of this world and cling to illusory values, suffering is inevitable. It is not easy for little children to give up their toys, for they become the victims of a habit which they cannot undo. In the same way, through millions of lives, you have got into the habit of playing with illusions. It is difficult for you to get disentangled from them.

For ages and ages, the atma [soul] has been seeing its own shadow and getting engrossed in the illusory world of forms. It gets addicted to the spectacle of its own creation, and desires to see it through cycles and cycles of creation. When the Soul turns inward and longs to have Self-knowledge, it has become spiritually-minded. But even there, this habit of wanting to see some spectacle persists for several lives. The Soul wants to experience some miracles or spectacular phenomena or, in the more advanced stages, it wants to perform miracles and manipulate phenomena.

Even spiritually advanced persons find it difficult to outgrow this habit of playing with illusions. Persistent attachment to miracles is only a further continuation of the habit of playing with illusions., p3413
Nov, 1953; Dehra Dun