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    The eternal NOW!

    [Baba pointed to a particular man.] Once, you were a child. Now, you have grown up to be a man. Between childhood and manhood you have experienced much misery and suffering. Where are they now? The fact is there were neither joys nor sorrows. It is due to illusion that you think and experience everything. After 20 to 30 years you will even forget the thoughts and events of today. You are caught in the net of maya and the accumulation of sanskaras bind you more and more in maya. For instance, a man is sleeping. He dreams thieves are trying to murder him. Frightened, he wakes up and is afraid to go back to sleep again, lest he dream the same dream. But, at the same time, he knows that it was a dream.

    Thus, this whole life is a dream. It has no past and no future, but is only in the eternal present — the eternal NOW!, p4323
    Feb, 1958; Meherabad
    [1958 Sahavas]


    “Be prepared to receive this overflow of grace” Part-4 (Final)

    The greatest difficulty lies in the easiest matter. It is most difficult for you to become (knowingly) God because it is easiest for you to be what you have (unknowingly) been all the time, and what (unknowingly) you will always be until it is the right moment for grace to descend upon you.

    ‘Impossible’ and ‘possible’ are opposites in the realm of duality, but truth lies beyond all duality. If on a bright sunlit morning I tell you that it is night, you will be lying if you agree with me that this is so. But if you do not agree, that will mean I lied to you. Such an impossible situation would not exist if, when I say it is night, you actually find that it is pitch dark in broad daylight. For this you need grace.

    You can find more or less all of what I am telling you in books of various kinds, but all of those, and all of this, pale in comparison with the spiritual realities which lead to the one divine reality—God.

    The time is rapidly approaching when a tidal wave will rise in the ocean of grace. Then the usual process by which the water in the rivers flows into the ocean will be reversed and the ocean water will rush through the river beds. Be prepared to receive this overflow of grace.

    – “Listen Humanity”, p50

    “Be prepared to receive this overflow of grace” Part-3

    Through my grace, a sudden crack in the roof can let the sunlight in on you immediately, but one in a million roofs might thus attract my grace. I am an ocean of grace, but I am also hard as flint when you try to draw that grace from me. The flow of my grace to you depends upon the intensity of your love, for it is love which attracts my grace to you.

    Generally it is rightly said that the right time must arrive for grace to descend. Yet in a particular sense this is absurd. The contradiction arises because words are never enough to express spiritual truths accurately as they exist in the higher spheres, far above intellect and understanding.

    Suppose I happen to have the whim to make you realize God—simply because you happen to be near me physically at that moment—and you do realize God. That is grace, and it is also the right moment for you. In short, as long as you do not receive grace, the right moment has not come for you. And when you do receive grace, the right moment has come for you.

    – “Listen Humanity”, p50

    “Be prepared to receive this overflow of grace” Part-2

    It is easier for me to come as an Avatar than for you to receive my grace. The problem is that once you have been conditioned by duality there is no end to the conditions which restrict your ability to receive my grace. Therefore it is difficult for my grace to flow from me to you.

    That is why it is not as easy as it sounds for me to get the whim to cause you to receive my grace. As a matter of fact it is flowing sufficiently all the time to fill one and all receptacles everywhere.

    There is rarely a vessel which is not filled with other things. A vessel must first be emptied before it can be filled by the flow of my grace. It is also my grace which helps a vessel to become completely emptied in the first place.

    However there is no end to the characteristics or impressions in the aspirant which restrict his ability to receive grace.

    The sun is now shining brilliantly outside this hall, but the sunlight does not reach you here under the roof. The sun is doing its duty of giving light. You have also to do your duty in removing whatever comes between you and the sun.

    Unless you break open the roof, how can you ask the sun to pour its light upon you? You have raised this roof of ‘ignorance’ over your own self. Demolish it and you will find that you yourself are the light and you yourself are the sun.

    – “Listen Humanity”, p50

    “Be prepared to receive this overflow of grace” Part-1

    True worship is an expression of devotion, not just saying prayers and making supplications. For you to worship me truly, it is necessary for you to have my grace. What is grace? No bargaining whatsoever is possible in the receiving of grace, and there is absolutely no specific condition for its bestowal. It may be given freely to anyone, whether saint or sinner, intellectual or illiterate, man or woman. Grace is just grace, nothing more and nothing less.

    Although it is next to impossible, yet it is conceivable that one might become one hundred per cent prepared by one’s own efforts, and thereupon realize God. In such an improbable event, God-realization is not through grace.

    But if the worst sinner stood before me and I had the whim (lahar), I could make him realize God in less than the flash of a second. That would be grace. At the very instant my grace descends upon you, you also become me and we remain one.

    – “Listen Humanity”, p50

    Bitter experiences of the past often open new vistas

    The same day, Baba also dictated this reply to a friend of Nadine Tolstoy’s, Grand Duchess Marie, a Russian aristocrat:

    Many bitter experiences of the past often open new vistas that help one to understand things better, as they really are not as they appear. Your hard trials in life have been instrumental in making you what you are now — a changed being with a different outlook on life — ushering you into the spiritual reality where you alone will find peace, bliss and love everlasting., p1688
    August, 1935; Meherabad

    Nature of Love: “The price of knowing me is love – love, pure and simple”


    [Final part, continued from previous post on “Nature of love”]

    How?[to begin to increase this  feeling or devotion for Baba]? Remember me before starting and after finishing any work. Think of me before doing anything. If you have to write something, remember me before starting and then mentally say, “Baba, it is you, not I, who is writing.”

    A tavern keeper first receives cash from a customer before handing him the wine glass. He checks the coin to ascertain whether it is genuine or counterfeit. Similarly, the Sadguru also demands his price – not in money, but in love – before giving you the gift of love. You can deceive a wine seller by passing him counterfeit coins, but never a Sadguru. He has no use for false coins – the show of love. With me, before the exchange takes place, one has to pay the full price. The price of knowing me is love – love, pure and simple.

    But love entails pain – the pain of the pangs and thirst of separation while constantly burning. This gradually minimizes the strength of the ego and eventually destroys it, because love never thinks of or cares for itself. It just burns its victim in love for its Beloved. This burning gradually diminishes the ego and thus it is eventually totally annihilated. In this fire, love makes its victim realize the Self., p1157
    Mar, 1930; Nasik

    Inviting registrations for this 2-day Residential Seminar on “Positive Living” at Avatar Meher Baba Hyderabad Center, Jubilee Hills

    Dear Brothers & Sisters,

    Hearty Jai Baba! Continuing the practice of biennial seminars since 2012, a special residential seminar for the young adults in the age group of 18-35 years is being planned from 8AM, 3rd June 2017 to 6PM, 4th June 2017. (Saturday & Sunday).

    Inviting registrations for this 2-day Residential Seminar on “Positive Living” at Avatar Meher Baba Hyderabad Center in Jubilee Hills. Activities and contents relevant to Life of a Baba’s Lover in the context of the above theme are planned during this joyous intensive.

    Please send in your email requests with details and information requested below only to latest by 15-May-2017. The requests will be processed on a first-come-first-serve basis. (The seminar is planned to accommodate only 100 participants).

    Registration Form Link

    Nature of Love: Real love is bestowed and cannot be created


    Baba in Nasik

    On Sunday, 30 March 1930, Shroff brought his family and friends to Nasik to see Baba who expounded on the nature of love to them:

    Love me and you will know me; but I am such a Reality that it is extremely difficult to know me. The price is love. No repetition of God’s name, no penance and no meditation is necessary — only love, and such love that it annihilates your ego. This means your love should be so deep that it makes you forget yourself and the world. This experience will leave you desireless, dazed and confounded. This is real love.

    You have feeling for me in your hearts, and because of it you may remember me often during the day, but you do not continuously. This feeling or devotion, though good, is not love. It should not be mistaken for love, because that real love to see and know God cannot be created. It has to be bestowed. It is bestowed through the grace of the Master, and such grace is conferred on a very, very lucky few.

    Still, don’t be discouraged. Although you do not have the love that is needed, you have deep feeling for me. Try always to remember me and to speak of me. This is the best beginning — the determination to be ready to receive the Master’s grace. If this continues, a day will come when you will be the lucky one to receive the great gift — the bestowal of my love. To be ready, perpetuate this feeling in your heart and increase it, making it deeper and deeper., p1157
    Mar, 1930; Nasik

    “By thinking continually, you become what you think of deeply”

    On Sunday, 22 September, Baba asked the women, “Who was it who said, ‘Unless you lose yourself, you cannot find yourself?’ ” …

    It means three things in one:

    first, love God so much that you forget yourself;

    second, sacrifice your carnal desires for the soul; and

    third, complete resignation to God’s will.

    And when you love too much, you do forget yourself. Now how to do that practically? Love for other things like men, women, cars, dogs, et cetera, comes spontaneously. It is no gift, but spontaneity; it is natural. Loving God comes by practice and by process to a certain point. But loving God most is a gift.

    To love Baba, you need to think of Baba. If you think of Baba, you do not think of yourself. The more you think of Baba, the less you think of yourself. So, to love God so much that you forget yourself means that you think of God so much that you can no longer think of yourself!

    By thinking continually, you become what you think of deeply. The mind makes one [become] what one thinks of deeply.

    If you think of Baba all the time, you cannot think of yourself. If you don’t think of me, you will remain unmoved. Only when Rano thinks of Nonny* does she feel bad. When she doesn’t think of her mother, there is no feeling., p2151
    Sept, 1940; Meherabad

    Photo courtesy: MSI collection

    *Nonny, the mother of Rano, died a year ago in 1939