Baba’s Samadhi – The Tomb is the Divine Treasure!


“He has said just before He dropped His body, ‘Now the shop will be opened.’ He has really opened His Wineshop in the Tomb, and He is inviting humanity to come there to drink. What a beautiful place His Tomb is — the Tomb is the Divine Treasure. Oh humanity! Don’t […]

With your heart predominating

I wish every Baba lover the opportunity of being at Meherabad on Amartithi Day at least once. In the early years the line for darshan was not very long, and the crowd was such that one could spend ample time with each one of Beloved Baba’s precious family from around the world. Sometimes it […]

The Amartithi: “To Live Eternally In The Hearts of All His Lovers”

“Since eternity! I never come and I never go. I am present everywhere. Isn’t it wonderful that I never leave?”

… Now, Eruch reminded Mani about it. “Where is the record, Begin The Beguine, and the gramophone?” he asked. “We have to take it with us to Meherabad.” Mani looked at him […]

The Amartithi: “This is His message to us”

A few days later, Mehera and Mani were sitting in Baba’s bedroom. “Baba didn’t leave us any message,” Mehera said regretfully, “any instructions.”

Baba’s departure from their midst had been so sudden and unexpected.

Mani said, “Yes, he did. Early on the morning of the 31st, he had that board [Hafiz’s] brought in.” They […]

The Amartithi : “Today is the day of my crucifixion”-2

By 8:00 A.M., the men mandali were back with Baba. The spasms returned. Baba again sent word to Mehera, through Mani, to be brave and not to worry. It would be the final time that this message was conveyed to her.

“Still, We didn’t realize that this too was a hint that he was […]

The Amartithi: “Today is the day of my crucifixion”-1

Although Baba’s condition was serious, whenever Mehera was in the room, he perked up. Mehera, of course, knew that Baba’s health had deteriorated, but she felt that he would recover. Baba instructed Goher not to tell Mehera how critical his condition was; he wanted her to remain cheerful and not to worry. Toward the […]

The Amartithi: “I am not this body!”

Baba ate very little during those final days in 1969. Goher guided Naja as to what to prepare and urged Baba, “Take this, Baba, you will like it, and it will give you some nourishment.” But he would never want it.

During the last few days, he had some pieces of soft papaya and a […]

The Amartithi: “My work is done”

Baba’s inner work intensified, and because of the impact borne by his body, each day after the work he looked exhausted.

One day in mid-July[1968], he remarked: “What a labor it is for me daily, during the hours when I work entirely away from the gross plane, to retain the link with my physical […]

“What will we live for now, when you have gone away?”


Bhau remembered the last line Baba dictated to him on 29 January 1969, “What will we live for now, when you have gone away?” and composed a ghazal on it.


We will burn in the fire of longing, when you have gone away.

O Bhau, the fish are restless without water.


The Amartithi: The Year of Dropping His Body

[By MR Dhakephalkar]

We were going to Delhi from Madras by Grand Truck Express. It was a long journey and on the way Baba encouraged us to entertain Him with stories, talks or skits just to pass time.

Baba said that He had a year in His mind. In that year a […]