“In such great uncertainty, real work is being done”

On Saturday, 19 September 1942, Baba explained about his work:

Reality is; unreality is not! Unreality, or “nothing,” is in the air. My work, too, is in the air and, because of that, it looks to you uncertain. I often make changes. Several times I have repeated that this is my last […]

Opposition helps in Baba’s work


On November 11th, after breakfast, Norina asked Baba, “Why should everything apparently go wrong when you wish to work in Ceylon? The weather is awful, we cannot find a place to stay, the press interview you gave was not successful. And now some of the local Christians and Buddhists are stirring up things […]

People’s indifference toward things spiritual makes Baba suffer more – Part 2 (FInal)


Citing an instance to illustrate what he meant, Baba further stated:

Suppose one is bitten by a large scorpion. It causes terrible agony. The person suffers and is even crying due to the pain. Meanwhile, if a tiny ant also bites him elsewhere, what effect would the ant bite have during the agony […]

People’s indifference toward things spiritual makes Baba suffer more – Part 1

DURING THIS PERIOD, Mehera’s sister Freiny came to Meherabad from Nasik, still upset at her continued separation from Baba and her virtual isolation in Nasik. Freiny had deep love for Baba and wanted to be with him and the other women mandali, but Baba did not wish to keep her in the ashram because […]

20130729 – Working methods of Baba


Baba continued, explaining about his own working:

There are three principal ways in which I work: individually, collectively with crowds for the masses, and universally. When I work individually, it is with persons who are with me, or persons who are away from me, or persons who are connected with me. In some […]

20130406 – Day and night my work goes on

Another activity of Baba’s daily routine in Mussoorie concerned Vishnu. From the early 1920s, Vishnu did the marketing and kept accounts of every paisa and rupee. He wrote down the expenses in a notebook and was careful in keeping a record of all the money spent. In Mussoorie, Baba began scrutinizing the accounts each […]

20130212 – Letter to Delia DeLeon – Be firm as a rock in your faith and love – Part 1

Delia with Mehera and Baba


On October 2 [1938], Baba wrote Delia DeLeon in England the following:

The world is in a state of fear and perplexity. No one knows what is going to happen. But wait and see. I know all, the present and the future, and nothing […]

10 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] Hypocrisy spoils Baba’s work

ON MAY 17th, about two hundred people from Andhra arrived in Poona to spend the weekend in Poona and absorb the presence of Baba. The first day a discussion took place in Guruprasad as to how work in Meher Baba’s name should be done at the many Centers in Andhra. Adi Sr. was also present […]