Childhood is the ideal period of life to take an interest in spirituality-part 1


In the evening of November 26th, Baba gave the following discourse to the mandali:

Childhood is the ideal period of life in which to take an interest in spirituality. The impressions received at a young age become deeply ingrained. Divine beauty, grandeur and bliss should always be impressed upon children, so much so […]

Be Soldiers of God

In the town of Jarakhar, Shripat Sahai had made separate living accommodations for Baba and the mandali in a school building. The children there shouldered wooden guns, and, being the Commander-in-Chief, Kumar thought of parading them. Baba appeared, and without having been told of Kumar’s idea, instructed him to start the parade. Kumar began […]

Selfless service to little children is tantamount to rendering service directly to God

Goma Ganesh Pathak, one of the former teachers of the Meher Ashram school, was doing social work in Ahmednagar and would come to see Baba from time to time. He invited Baba to the upcoming opening of a nursery school, Babawadi, for poor children, where they would be given free milk. Baba went for […]

Qualities desired of a school teacher


Meanwhile, the vice-principal of Kolhapur University, a Mr. Dixit, invited Baba to participate in the opening of a new Montessori school, but because of his seclusion, Baba did not go. Instead, on Sunday, October 18th, he sent Adi Sr. to deliver this message:

The form of service that a Montessori school takes has […]

20121202 – Childhood is the ideal period of life to take an interest in spirituality-part 1

A class in progress taught by Raosaheb

  From then on, every morning Edke (newly appointed teacher) would walk from his home to Meherabad. The first day he met Baba coming down the hill around seven o’clock, with Kaka Shahane holding an umbrella over Baba’s head. When Baba saw him, he instructed, […]

20121201 – Life after the leaving the Prem Ashram – Abdulla Pakrawan narrates

  Many years passed before Abdulla concluded what Meher Baba had done for him:

Although people constantly try to collect worldly belongings with the only purpose of having all the things that the world can offer, considering them the cause of happiness, I understood that in truth collecting them, beholding them and keeping them […]

20121130 – Abdulla Pakrawan’s inner experience in the Prem Ashram – part 5 (final part)

Abdulla seated beside Baba

A short while following this experience, the focus of my concentration was fully established and I was in constant remembrance. I was so immersed in this natural meditation that during this period, I did not care about food and did not care whether I sat in the sun […]

20121129 – Abdulla Pakrawan’s inner experience in the Prem Ashram – part 4

Abdulla Pakrawan in blissful state

As time passed and weeks ended, the love of my Beloved, my exalted Master, became more apparent and the fire became hotter and more burning. It finally reached such an extent that even while doing normal things, such as eating and bathing, I would […]

20121128 – Abdulla Pakrawan’s inner experience in the Prem Ashram – part 3


Baba at Meherabad during 1920s

(Continued from previous post)

Buasaheb tried to comfort me by reminding me what Baba had promised to do for me. But the spontaneous weeping became louder and louder as my muscles were shivering, making my breathing deep and fast. I would quiet down for awhile, only […]

20121127 – Abdulla Pakrawan’s inner experience in the Prem Ashram – part 2

Abdulla Pakrawan had experienced Meher Baba’s love. Abdulla’s inner experience was unique among the Prem Ashram boys. The following is his account of what happened to him when the Master lifted him to the sixth plane of consciousness:

One day, at the end of a discourse, Baba looked deeply into the faces of each […]