“You must stick as close as you can to me”

While browsing through Bili Eaton’s archives, I came across this deeply meaningful paragraph in a letter that Meher Baba’s sister Mani S. Irani wrote to Bili on May 25, 1955 from Satara:

“What you said about the ‘daaman’ reminds me of the simile Baba gave us long ago in Meherabad. “You must stick as […]

“But try to hang on”

When Ivy Duce and her Sufi group had their interview in the Lagoon Cabin, Baba reiterated how they must hang on to his daaman, and how difficult it would be: “If six cobras came into this room suddenly from out there, would you just sit still here with me? No, you would be flying […]

“Hold me, or leave me! Do not try to compromise.”

Now I will explain about holding fast to my daaman. Hold me, or leave me! Do not try to compromise. One thing is definite and fixed: if I am the Highest of the High or if I am the Lowest of the Low, and you hold fast to my daaman, you will be where […]

As long as the ‘link’ with Baba is maintained we are safe

Baba in a train in Andhra Darshan tour, 1953

Bandili B. Bapiraju related several of his miraculous experiences, saying they were sufficient proof for him to take Meher Baba as the Avatar. To this, Baba replied at length:

All such experiences may be due to your love and faith, and as […]

20130410 – You must try your hardest to hold on to the feet of Baba – part 2 (final)



You take food with your mouth, digest it and pass the excrement through your rectum. You know this. But does a stone know what is a mouth and what is a rectum? You would never try to eat with your rectum; it would be despicable to try to do such a thing. […]

20130409 – You must try your hardest to hold on to the feet of Baba – part 1

Explaining about miracles, Baba pointed out:

It is child’s play for a Sadguru to make the dead come alive, and it is of no importance to him as he has to work for the whole universe. He works only at the proper time for the good of the world. A rupee coin is shown […]

20130326 – Hold fast to my feet and I will lead you on the path to Realization

A stone remains unmoved under any circumstances; you may kick it, spit on it or worship it, but all these things have no effect upon it. As long as you do not disregard your likes and dislikes, and as long as you do not become indifferent to being kicked, spat upon, slandered and ridiculed, […]

20121209 – The easiest and quickest way for salvation is to serve a Perfect Master


The easiest way to immortality is contact with a spiritual Master, and the simplest requirement is intense longing for realizing God. For this, persistent effort is needed. All other paths are quite long and full of difficulties. Service is said to be the highest religion, yet hundreds of thousands of births […]

01 Aug 2012 – Holding fast to Baba’s daaman is the way to realize God!

One day after lunch, Hoshang and a friend, Eruch Karadia (also a follower of Godavri Mai), were standing near Baba’s cabin. Baba called them inside and asked Hoshang, “What is the aim of your life?”

“I want to realize God,” he replied.

Baba observed, “Very, very few reach that Goal, but he who holds fast […]