Disciples are of three types

There are three types of disciples: those who help, those who are a burden, and those who are a hindrance.

Those who lift me up and carry me are the best helpers. The ones who may not be able to lift me up, but who give me their companionship, assist my work well and […]

God’s greatness is reflected in the love of His true lovers

A week later, March 11th, a letter from Suloo Meshram of Nagpur was received and read out. Baba was in a good mood and remarked, “Such devotees and lovers should be worshiped.” Baba then joined his own hands together and closed his eyes as if praying, something the mandali had never seen him do […]

Devotees should lean only on Baba but not on each other

About weaknesses, Baba explained to women:

Those devotees who have similar weaknesses, similar self-seeking, apparently love each other and apparently do not love the others. But what results is bad. The slavish tendency of depending on moods creeps in.

How? Take Norina for example who loves me as her Beloved, and […]