“My Krishna, my Beloved Krishna – how merciful you are!”

Meher Baba as Lord Krishna

[A wonderful incident happened on the Diwali day in 1950 during New Life]

TRAVELLING FARTHER SOUTH, Baba and his companions arrived in Madras (now called ‘Chennai’), where a thorough search was made to locate more families. Three destitute families were found. Baba washed […]

God’s Help comes at the Right time!


Meherwan and Eruch Byramshaw Jessawala

Remembering the brothers Eruch and Meherwan Byramshaw Jessawala, here is an anecdote.

Background: These are the early days after Eruch Jessawala dropped his body. Meherwan Jessawala recalling his elder brother Eruch narrates a story. The story dates back to the mid-40s, during a period when […]

08 Aug 2012 – God is the Ocean of mercy!

IN DECEMBER 1943, an Irani came to Meherabad and wanted to place five hundred rupees at Baba’s feet. Baba did not accept the money, but the man entreated him again; so Baba motioned to him to give it to Eruch, remarking, “You, Eruch, have to hand over this amount to a family who is very […]