Stay for me and not for the self – Part 2 (Final)

1940 November-December Ceylon, bathing Chatti Baba

Krishna snapped back, “Do you think I am staying with you for money?”

“Then why do you take payment from me? But be warned, to do your work without compensation, like the mandali, will be still more troublesome. It requires exactitude. Only he whose head is ever-bowed […]

Stay for me and not for the self – Part 1


During Baba’s month-long stay in Quetta, Chatti Baba [mast or God-intoxicated soul] would never stay indoors in his room, but would roam about all night outside amidst the cold, inclement weather. He was amazingly healthy, and to top it off, continued his daily bath of 100 buckets full of ice-cold water!

One day […]