What love means

Journalist: ‘When you speak of love sir, what do you mean when you speak of love?’

Eruch: Baba says: What is love? Here is my Beloved and I love the Beloved. What this love means, is to give up everything — wanting nothing in return. I want to give, make him happy, pleased, even […]

Baba loves everybody no matter how terrible they are

Bili Eaton had come from New York for the sahavas. She was feeling full of guilt the entire time, as she had fallen in love with a man and had disobeyed Baba’s six-month order regarding celibacy. When she first met Baba in the Lagoon Cabin with several others, she hid in a corner behind […]

Divine Love vs worldly love


The journalist asked, “Could you speak of love, sir? What do you mean, when you speak of love?”

Baba, in turn, asked:

Love? What is love? First of all, here is my beloved, and naturally I love him. I love the beloved. Now, what is that love, love for the beloved? It means […]