The Divine Theme, Explained – Part 5 (Final)


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Touching on a few more points, Baba explained:

The subtle is latent in the gross. Those on the subtle plane can contact those in the gross body through their subtle body, because they cannot see the gross.

A majzoob is overpowered by the state of God in which he […]

The Divine Theme, Explained – Part 4

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Coming to the twists again – when you take these twists, every time you have to give a shake. There are eighty-four lakhs during the process of evolution with seven twists. The number is absolutely fixed – seven twists and eighty-four lakhs of shakes. After evolution is finished, and the soul […]

The Divine Theme, Explained – Part 3


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These seven “pinches” are twists of sanskaras, and they have seven chief forms – stone or metal, vegetable, worm, fish, bird, animal and man. Every twist of the sanskaras gives the next form. So, there are seven twists for seven forms, and there are six previous forms before the stone […]

The Divine Theme, Explained – Part 2


Again, pointing to the chart, Baba continued:

The winding of sanskaras is shown like this, and the thread begins from here. The unwinding process is shown in this way. From “A” is the winding process. This represents seven stages of descent, and “Z” shows the ascent – involution, although both appear quite the reverse […]

The Divine Theme, Explained – Part 1

The Divine Theme Chart*

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When Deshmukh had finished, Baba began his explanation by stating: “Today, let us begin by saying that only God exists. If there is something beyond God, that too is God, and so every one of you […]