20121104 – East-West Gathering 4 Nov 1961 – Day 4 (the last day)


[Emphasizing harmony among workers from Andhra…]

In the end, Baba exhorted all present:

“Work harmoniously and forget completely the faults of one another. Remain steadfast in your love for and faith in me. I warn all of you to tighten your grip on my daaman, for the time is approaching when there will […]

20121103 – East-West Gathering 3 Nov 1961 – Day 3


Do your duty, but don’t feel worried about it. Remain one hundred percent happy, one hundred percent honest. Do the best you can; then at night, relax and forget about everything. Keep happy. That is your duty. And remain honest; do not compromise. When you do, you get a fear complex in the […]

20121102 – East-West Gathering 2 Nov 1961 – Day 2



Baba asked about their health and then mentioned that Marion Florsheim and Mrs. Bahjejian had their passports and money stolen from their hotel rooms. He asked, “Isn’t it surprising Energy has lost something?”

She replied, “If I lost everything, I could stay here!”

[On 4th Nov] — When Baba heard that Marion […]

20121101 – East-West Gathering 1 Nov 1961 – Day 1

East-West Gathering, 1962

[Here are some incident of the Day-1 of the East-West Gathering]

Each day, morning sessions were reserved for the Westerners. At 9:00 A.M., several buses arrived and 144 Western men and women entered the hall of Guruprasad to meet their Beloved. Baba was dressed in […]

31 Oct 2012 – A day before the East-West Gathering – some incidents

Guruprasad Bungalow, Pune


[Baba met with His Western lovers on 31st Oct 1962, a day before the start of the East-West Gathering, Guruprasad, Pune. Here are some anecdotes/messages of that day.]

After Baba embraced each one individually, someone asked about habits and becoming a slave to them, to which Baba replied, “If you […]