True Education

Rustom and Sohrab behind Baba

One day, Baba emphasized to Rustom and Sohrab, “I joke with you, make fun at your expense, play cards with you and for my amusement make you act out some scene. I do all this on your level, but never forget for a moment that I am God in […]

20130430 – Academic knowledge is not the Be-all and End-all of learning

The principal of Saint Vincent’s High School in Poona, the Catholic priest E. R. D’Souza, sent a letter to Baba stating that since Baba had once been a student of that institution, it would be a pleasure to have him present at their Christian inter-faith Thanksgiving service to mark the school’s centenary in October […]

20130428 – Value of education


The next morning at ten o’clock, an argument arose among the teachers Pandoba, Phadke and Ramkrishna Gite about the value of education. Pandoba claimed that education had spoiled India’s traditional family values and trades (such as the son of a tailor or cobbler following in his father’s footsteps), whereas Gite was in favor […]

20130216 – Message to students – Love is the essence – Part 2 (final)

There is an unquestionable equality about all men in the flesh, yet no two men are alike. In spite of the one sun that shines upon the one world, the sunshine is not the same all over the world. Men are just the same everywhere, in their hopes and in their fears, yet at […]

20130215 – Message to students – True culture is the result of spiritual values assimilated in life – Part 1


S. M. Fossil arranged for Baba to visit a local high school. For those students, local artists, social workers and those associated with Madras’ public institutions, Baba gave the following message to those present:

Literacy is not education, and education is not culture – and all these cumulatively do not represent Gnan or […]