Who is Lord Ganesh

(Extracted from Bhau Kalchuri’s ‘Nothing and Everything”)

(Today 5 Sept 2016 is Ganesh Chaturthi)

As Shiva represents the First Soul to realize God Himself, Ganesh represents that same First Soul When He returned into creation as Avatar.

Ganesh is none other but the Ancient […]

God-Realization and human ego

On April 30th, Jamshed Mehta, the mayor of Karachi, came to see Baba. Baba praised his sincere efforts and sympathetic treatment of the poor and needy, and admired his selfless service in other areas as well. Baba explained to him:

I am very pleased with your sincere work and selfless service, particularly in the […]

Mind’s false ego – Part 1


The subject of the mind’s false ego came up again when L. Neurgaonkar, an engineer of the Poona municipality, saw Baba that day. He was a learned and religious man, and Baba explained to him:

You have read much of spiritual literature. You are well-known for your lucid expositions. Spiritual understanding takes one […]

Ego’s tricky nature – Part 1

On the 18th, a Shastri (Hindu priest) bowed to Baba and then sat down near his chair. He had also come the previous day when Baba was with the Hamirpur lovers. At that time, while the Shastri was present, Vishnu Sharma of Dhagwan entertained Baba by reciting his story, Chai Puran (a humorous “Tale […]

20130703 – The path to higher consciousness and the limited ego- Part 3 (Final)

The ego persists to the last. Not until all the six out of the seven principal states on the path are traversed, culminating in one God-Conscious state, is the ego completely eliminated and reappears on the seventh plane as the Divine “I” – the state of Christ Consciousness to which Jesus referred […]

20130702 – The path to higher consciousness and the limited ego- Part 2


The furious race for armaments by the Christian world, evincing an utter disregard for the commandment of Jesus that if one cheek is smitten, the other should be offered, shows clearly what I mean by the ego. In the evolutionary ascent from the mineral, vegetable and animal life, the latent mind gradually expands […]

20130701 – The path to higher consciousness and the limited ego- Part 1


Baba remained in Hollywood for seven hectic days, each packed full of interviews and receptions. Norina Matchabelli and Elizabeth Patterson had driven all the way from New York to help in arranging Baba’s schedule.

The newspapers had anticipated his arrival, and at a press conference held at 1 P.M. on the day he […]

20130109 – You should keep that love locked within you


Suloo Meshram stood up and said, “Last evening, I felt more or less unaware of my surroundings, and for about two hours, kept myself closeted in the bathroom. I felt that some breeze from God was passing over me; I felt I was beyond birth and death. I completely forgot about my family […]

24 Sep 2012 – Loosening the ego

Anita de Caro was an artist of some talent; she did a drawing inCannesand showed it to Baba, who commented that it was remarkably good and assured her that she was indeed an artist. Baba then asked Rano’s opinion and she said she honestly did not care for it. Baba reproached her, “How can you […]

23 Aug 2012 – You will attain the goal of life if you become like a stone

March 21st was the Parsi New Year of Jamshed-e-Navroz. On this festival, it is customary to have a sweet, cool drink made with milk called falooda. When Baba came to Rosewood, he told Bhau to go back to Grafton to bring the drink. Bhau thought some servant would be there to carry the large pot […]