13 Oct 2012 – How Eruch joined Baba’s mandali


Eruch Jessawala reading out Baba’s message from the alphabet board

(Eruch Jessawala 13 Oct 1916 – 31 Aug 2001)


Eruch narrating about how he joined Baba’s mandali:

HAVING BEEN BORN into a Zoroastrian family, I was brought up by my parents on the ancient Zoroastrian precepts of good […]

08 Aug 2012 – God is the Ocean of mercy!

IN DECEMBER 1943, an Irani came to Meherabad and wanted to place five hundred rupees at Baba’s feet. Baba did not accept the money, but the man entreated him again; so Baba motioned to him to give it to Eruch, remarking, “You, Eruch, have to hand over this amount to a family who is very […]