Explanations versus Experience – Part 2/2

Take another analogy on the same theme. Suppose a simple villager from Arangaon, who has never before so much as stepped out of his village, was escorted with bandages over his eyes and made to stand in a street in one of the great cities in America or Europe, and then suppose the bandages […]

Explanations versus Experience – Part 1/2

I too was once like you, attracted towards this worldly Maya; but oh! What lila, what powers my Guru possessed, that he showed me the Pearl of Realization!

“Tu tu” karta tu bhayo, raha na mujme hu. Mai vari javu tujpe: jidhare dekhta udhar tu-hi-tu! “

Constantly repeating Thy name, I became One with […]

“What counts most is Experience and not mere understanding”

Love God to such an extent that you become God! That love could be had through selfless service, but this service should be so sublime that there is not even a single thought of self. What counts most is Experience and not mere understanding. One has to go beyond one’s mind! You can […]