Fiery Free Life, Explained – Part 2 (Final)


The Perfect Ones, who retain normal consciousness and the body even after realizing the unchanging and absolute Truth, dwell eternally in Divine Love, which transcends all duality and surpasses all understanding. They enjoy abiding and unassailable peace, for they have at last arrived at the final goal of creation.

I have no connection […]

Fiery Free Life, Explained – Part 1

Thereafter, Baba’s explanation of his Fiery Free Life was read out to the crowd:

The role which God has willed for me has had several phases. The pre-Realization ordinary state, the Old Life state of realized divinity, the New Life state of perfect humility and intensive seeking of God as Truth through the […]

Meher Baba’s Fiery Life

Meher Baba’s Fiery Life

– Ramjoo Abdulla

At the end of his New Life, amongst other things, Baba declared in February, 1952, that his Fiery Life would commence from November 15th that year. Although preparations in general were set on foot seven months earlier, what Baba calls the […]