Balancing of Sanskaras – “Real freedom can only be obtained when you give up all desires”

On Sunday, 13 October 1940, he explained some more points about sanskaras, after his second typed article had been read out:

Sanskaras must balance perfectly. This cannot be done by a mathematical process, or it would be easy.

Good and bad sanskaras are both bindings. If you […]

The interplay of good and evil in life – “There is a constant feeling of a sort of happiness in doing a good act”

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Another reason for preferring and advocating good is that in evil, although apparently easy, while thinking about and actually committing a bad act, there is always a sort of torture to the mind, which inevitably happens after committing the act. For instance, illicit sex or murder.

Whereas in good, which […]

The interplay of good and evil in life – “Good is really, spiritually speaking, easy for reaching the goal”


On April 27th, a discussion among the men mandali took place about the interplay of good and evil in life, whereupon Baba stated:

As good is necessary, likewise bad is also necessary – just as positive and negative. Both are essential for action and evolution. If only good were to prevail everywhere, life […]

Good and Evil

During the end of May or early June of 1942, while explaining about good and evil, Baba stated:

There is nothing such as good or evil. From a moral standpoint, this difference exists so that the affairs of the world may be conducted according to limitations imposed by society. But from the spiritual standpoint, […]