Give in for the sake of harmony


… There are bound to be differences, but one or the other of you must give in. One of you must give in. That means all of you who stay must be prepared to give in. I do not mind crises, I do not mind chaos, but I do mind disharmony. At present, […]

Need for cultivating love and harmony

Meals were often a source of conflict in Nasik. Jean Adriel had to have spinach every day, cooked in a special way. Another wanted beets. One of the group said they could only eat whole-wheat bread. Another requested buttermilk at a certain time each morning. Baba had instructed that Rano and Delia were to […]

Begin dying by loving

Although different men and women definitely disliked one another, each in the group promised to try to live Baba’s words. Thereupon, Baba continued:

If I find disharmony and find you not prepared to die, then it is better that you all pack up and go. You have not come here for name and fame. […]