“Develop the habit of instantaneous obedience”

One night, after conversing with the mandali, the Master ordered all to go to their respective rooms to sleep. All did so except Rustom K. Irani and Faredoon, who went outside to the urinal. Baba accosted them, “Why did you two break my order?” Both men protested that they had not broken […]

“Don’t think of how and when (of merging with Baba) – just think of Baba”


Nadine Tolstoy asked what it is like for Baba to feel himself to be God. Baba replied, using her given Russian name Nadia:

Heaven and hell, God and man all are here. You are now God, plus Nadia. When Nadia disappears, God remains. So, Nadia must go. Let Nadia go, and then God […]

Instantaneous obedience

The Hyderabad Meeting group photo


Baba also met individually with a few of his lovers that day (during the Hyderabad meeting).

Nana Kher told him, “I wish to stay with you.”

“Would you do as I tell you?” Baba asked.

“Assuredly!” was his quick reply.

“From tomorrow, start drinking two bottles […]