The real lover never poses

Several Brahmin devotees were among those who came for Baba’s darshan on the 27th. One named Subramanium had painted long sectarian marks on his forehead with saffron-colored paste. Commenting on it, Baba remarked:

Various castes have distinctive marks applied to their forehead. Similarly, people of different religions stick to traditional customs. Hafiz used to […]

20130104 – Baba saves Krishna – part 2 (final)

At 7:00 P.M., Baba asked for a sherbet drink, which Bhau handed him in a glass. After taking two sips, he handed the glass to Bhau and motioned to him to drink the rest. Baba’s mood suddenly changed, and he began light conversation and joking.

Baba’s strange behavior that evening perplexed Bhau, and when […]

20130103 – Baba saves Krishna- Part 1

FROM THE TIME he joined Baba during the early 1940s in Bangalore, Krishna Nair had been doing night watch by Baba’s side. But from Satara, Baba sent him back to his home in Kerala. One day in March 1957, at 3:00 P.M. when Bhau went to Baba for his watch, Baba asked, “Do you […]

18 Sep 2012 – I like the abuse of my lovers more than the praise of sycophants

THE NEXT DAY, Sunday, September 19th, an event happened on the way to Meherabad. V. G. Luktuke (nicknamed “Mama,” meaning Uncle), age fifty-four, lived near Akbar Press and had first met Baba through Nusserwan Satha at the Meherabad birthday celebration in 1938. These days, however, Luktuke was upset, as he had not received a copy […]