20121206 – The closer a person is to a Perfect Master, the better it is for him

One day, some of the men mandali felt discouraged and began reflecting on their years with the Master. They concluded that they had gained nothing spiritual by being with him. Some time later during the course of a conversation with the same men, Meher Baba stopped and gave this unexpected discourse:

You eat food […]

13 Oct 2012 – How Eruch joined Baba’s mandali


Eruch Jessawala reading out Baba’s message from the alphabet board

(Eruch Jessawala 13 Oct 1916 – 31 Aug 2001)


Eruch narrating about how he joined Baba’s mandali:

HAVING BEEN BORN into a Zoroastrian family, I was brought up by my parents on the ancient Zoroastrian precepts of good […]